Cleverman, season 2

We’re three episodes into season 2 of Cleverman, which means it’s time to pop our heads up and see how it’s all going. Are the West brothers still handsome but awful (but not as awful as the white dudes)? Has it fixed its Women Problem? Are there still Significant Birbs?

No Award watches Cleverman 1.05 and 1.06

This week on Cleverman, Liz realises that the time difference whilst Steph was travelling meant she couldn’t frantically text her thoughts to Stephanie; Nerida and Linda continue to be smarter and more competent than the men of the family (sadly, we don’t get to see much of Alinta); Blair makes a truly terrible pun; Kora …

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Catastrophising for nerds

I’m an anxious person, and in any situation, my brain will always leap to the worst case scenario. Even in situations, eg fandom, where the stakes are extremely low, if there are even any stakes at all. So here are some things which I am worried about in the world of nerd-dom!