things no award yells when putting their recycling in the communal recycling bins

don't put recycling in plastic bagsIt’s National Recycling Week! It will probably not surprise you to learn that No Award has a lot of feelings about recycling. (NO, COFFEE CUPS AREN’T RECYCLABLE OKAY)

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Down Under Feminists’ Carnival hashtag 90

dufcHello and welcome to edition 90 of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival! In grand tradition, here we are in November and No Award is hosting once again.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted links. In Steph’s obsessive need to tidy her inbox immediately, we’re not sure who those excellent people were, but thank you heaps and heaps.

Edition 91 will be hosted by MJ at Project Sprog. Submit at projectsprogblog [at] gmail [dot] com

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Rare No Award Art Post: Narnia and the Inner North AU – Spring Racing Carnival Shenanigans

1.  On a slow Monday in 2013, a bunch of friends and I conceived a Narnia AU (that’s alternate universe, for those of you not steeped in fandom lingo) where Narnia is Melbourne’s inner north and its denizens are basically hipsters.

1a. The question is not whether or not Reepicheep owns a fedora, but how many fedoras he owns.

2.  Melbourne is currently in the grips of the Spring Racing Carnival, that time of year when we have a public holiday to get dressed up, wear silly hats and drink champagne (yay!) and also lots of horses die because horse racing is terrible (not yay!)

1 + 2 = 3.  Shasta and Aravis have something to say about this.


(As a result of this piece, I was asked to do the Narnian hipsters’ Tinder profiles.  I’m still contemplating that, but I am 100% certain that Lucy is one of those girls whose cat features heavily in her profile.)

(He is not a tame housecat.)