Are Queer Folk Singers Infiltrating Our Courts? (Yes, and it’s great)

Today, No Award would like to introduce you to Judy Small, a queer, Australian protest song folk singer, who sings about social justice issues, who happens to be a Federal Circuit Court Judge.

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Thursday arvo tunes

We were doing this on Sundays, then we got distracted, but now it’s Thursday afternoon and I can’t get this stupid* song out of my head.

* It’s not stupid! It’s a fine piece of dark electronica that’s just begging to be used for a Doctor/Master vid**.

** I’d successfully deleted “The End of Time” from my memory until this song turned up, and you know? It’s almost worth it.

Sunday arvo Oz music jam

A new thing here at No Award: we’re taking it in turns to share some top Australian music on a Sunday afternoon.

(My contributions will be mostly hip hop by women, because back when Iggy Azalea was relevant, I started putting together a post about great women rappers of Australia.  That was a few years ago, and I’ve gone from only having a few names in mind, to having too much music to choose from.)

A round-up of “Formation” thinkpieces

Sunday 7 February, morning (Australian time): Beyoncé drops a new single and video, the proudly black, history-and-politics-steeped “Formation”.

“Formation” is steeped in culture and history that is not ours, and most of the links below are part of conversations that are not aimed at us.  But they help to set “Formation” in context for us foreigners, to whom the work is nonetheless being marketed.

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