can’t link you out of my head

Quokkas! It has been a while!

We at Team No Award are just super busy right now — with work, with family, everything. We’ve been struggling to find/make time to write quality blog posts. Or even really mediocre ones.

Accordingly, we’re moving to a sporadic posting schedule until further notice. You should follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook if you want a heads up about new posts.

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The next linkspam already!

[Sad confession: we have no song this week.  “The next linkspam already!” is the placeholder title I put in when I created this draft on Friday afternoon last week. We’re just really busy, okay?]

25 Years On, Melina Marchetta Tells Us Everything You Want To Know About ‘Looking For Alibrandi’ (She also discusses Dance Academy!)

Wellness, Womanhood, and the West: How Goop Profits From Endless Illness


(In Goop’s framing, “the East,” a place that’s never identified as an actual geographic location, doesn’t have cardiologists or pharmaceuticals. It is also, the literature implies, free of disease.)

Tracey Thorn: the unbearable whiteness of Britpop

Books For Girls – Kill Your Darlings looks at The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and the dismissal of YA as a category with potential literary merit.

It shouldn’t be surprising that a novel about a teenage girl might have something interesting or insightful to say.

Shop owner says cashless welfare card has left him $100,000 short

Why the Reef will never be the same again

Video Explores Sci-Fi Trope Of Women Who Are ‘Born Sexy Yesterday’