feels like a linkspam now

We’ve missed a few linkspams, so some of these are a bit old. Um, by which we mean, they’ve aged like fine wines.

Apparently, for reasons which I’m sure are perfectly innocent and not at all racist, Disney felt the need to add a Scandinavian prince to their live-action Aladdin.

Is it really a win for queer rights if we exclude our most vulnerable to achieve it?

If you truly believe in fighting for queer rights, your activism can’t stop at marriage. Not when nearly half of young trans people in this country have attempted suicide amid shocking rates of bullying and discrimination. Not when gay refugees and asylum seekers detained on Manus Island currently face the impossible decision of returning to home countries where homosexuality is punishable by execution, or living in Papua New Guinea, where it is a criminal offence. These issues aren’t isolated from one another – they’re all part of the same struggle.

This includes commentary by Australian game devs: ‘Fed up with fantasies for male teenagers’: fixing the depiction of women in games

(NA spoilers: I’ve already bought Ninja Pizza Girl and will play and review it when I’ve recovered from moving house, and also I might finish Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening first. Anyway, notes so far include “yay Australian games” and “IDK the font seems a bit racist? I hope this won’t be a garbage fire”.)

I lost a whole morning to this old Reddit post: Wedding planners of Reddit, what did your worst bridezilla/groomzilla do?

(I don’t know why I enjoy tales of wedding shenanigans so much, but I got a similar sort of pleasure from This American Life’s episode on fiascos.)

An Open Letter to the Female Hat-Wearing Dog From “Go Dog, Go”

I want you to take this in, hat-wearing female dog, lest you spend the next 15 years of your life trying to impress someone who is not worth your time. Ignore the hat-based norms of the dog universe and wear what makes YOU happy. Celebrate yourself! You are awesome and unique, like that dancing eleven-year-old in the blonde wig from Sia’s Chandelier video, only a dog version!

Art v government at Singapore festival: ‘I fear once I leave, they will punish me’

Here is a sad and interesting piece of Australian true crime: The Terrible Truth Behind Sydney’s Murderous Scorned Women

Why It’s Time to Disable Diversity Efforts

Surprise, Fed Square is not great for any of us: Anti-Adani protest censored by operators of Melbourne’s Federation Square

“I would recommend putting together a slideshow that focuses more on the environmental aspect of the reef without the protest messaging,” the Federation Square representative said.

The Moomins: Tove Jansson’s feminist legacy (ps also she was a queer <3)

The fucking awesome Yassmin Abdel-Magied wrote this and you should definitely read it: I Tried to Fight Racism by Being a “Model Minority” — and Then It Backfired

Those who want you to outperform your identity aren’t interested in seeing you as equal at all. No one should ever have to be the “model minority” in order to be accepted as equal. Equality should be given, not earned for good behavior. If “good behavior” is required, that isn’t really equality.

Current issue of Kohl is on Gendering Migration and it’s so good. There’s also a lot on the queerness of gendered migration.

On Australian activism, and how we take guidance from the USA when we shouldn’t: Activism and the cultural cringe: some things never change.

Oh, and we were linked from the New Yorker, no big deal, no flailing here whatsoever.

Grassroots Business

You’ve heard of Clinton’s Walk For Justice, and you can donate to help cover it all!