Shark in the loo

This week’s Doctor Who episode (Liz liked it a lot! Especially Bill “greatest companion since the last one you really loved” Potts!) has a beat where the Doctor clears out a Sydney cafe by emerging from the toilets and shouting, “Shark attack!” For plot reasons, obviously.

But it’s frankly ridiculous that this ploy would work, so here are a couple of short listicles.

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surfer went for a nom

No Award loves sharks, okay?

bloop bloop by zandraart - a series of sharks adorably illustrated and looking like they should be cuddled
BLOOP BLOOP by zandraart

Important shark radar: OCEARCH, tracking international sharks. And a Western Australian shark tracker: Shark Smart.  Please note that the WA State Government engages in disgusting anti-shark behaviour, and No Award’s linking to the Shark Smart site is only so you can gaze respectfully and lovingly at the sharks in Western Australian waters.

There’s sharks in Monday’s First Dog on the Moon, and it’s a good reminder that even sharks can be right-wing.

Shark survives attack by Australian surfer.

Williams was minding his own business at Jeffreys Bay off the coast of South African, when a chance encounter with professional surfer and full-time Aussie Mick Fanning left him facing a series of potentially lethal blows.

Which is the shark news reporting on this incident reported Monday morning.

Further in shark news: Shark nets planned for Sorrento Beach in Perth and Albany’s Middleton Beach. Shark nets are bad for sharks, WA! Stop using them! And Instructor’s paddle ski attacked by shark while training students in waters off Gold Coast.

If you’re interested in getting angry about our anti-shark Australian media, the shark tag at Our ABC is worth the occasional visit.

And a reminder that if you want to get angry about a misuse of meteorology and sharks at the same time, Sharknado 3 is coming. No Award will not deign to link to it, but  might get drunk and watch it.

You could follow the average shark twitter. Steph does.

@samir how the shark news reported it: a fucking human interrupted our swimming competition AGAIN

Why does No Award like sharks so much? They eat both penguins and cephalopods. But we can all live in awesomeness, I guess.

Linkspam is a place on earth

We here at No Award have been busy running a convention, but now it’s over and we can dedicate ourselves back to you again.

We have a twitter! It has nothing on it yet because Steph is too hungover to save that photo of a tram onto her phone, apparently, but: No Award the twitter. Stand by for tweets.

Stephanie has had a story published! The Dan Dan Mian of the Apocalypse, in the Review of Australian Fiction, 14:4. $2.99 for 8000 words of climate change Australia dystopia fiction by Steph, and 12000 words of fake magical geek girl by Tansy Rayner Roberts. DO IT.

Here are some links, some of them old. We’ve been busy!

This totally amazing post of oral interviews about Clueless. 

End of the car age: how cities are outgrowing automobiles.

The complete business case for converting street parking into bike lanes.

‘Reclaiming Australia’ from Islam is really about reclaiming whiteness.

At Bluntshovels, ‘wellness’ is not about health.

Masa Vukotic had the right to be in a park alone.

SHARKS: sharing the sea with sharks. An interesting perspective, mostly about Australia’s relationship with sharks, in the New Yorker.

MAPS: The fake places that exist on maps only to catch copycat map makers.

Ben Wilkie, the Clash of Symbols, on the anniversary of the 1967 referendum.

Baltimore’s peace-keeping rollerskaters. ADORABLE.

linkspam of the nation

The Time Everyone “Corrected” the World’s Smartest Woman, aka No Award supports misandry, and this article just gives us more evidence. Includes bonus statistics.

Speaking of misandry, The Toast retells The Little Mermaid, and it’s perfect.

MRA tweets during the qanda about domestic violence. Includes grossness.

On Ikea in Fortune:

One way Ikea researchers get around this is by taking a firsthand look themselves. The company frequently does home visits and—in a practice that blends research with reality TV—will even send an anthropologist to live in a volunteer’s abode. Ikea recently put up cameras in people’s homes in Stockholm, Milan, New York, and Shenzhen, China, to better understand how people use their sofas. What did they learn? “They do all kinds of things except sitting and watching TV,” Ydholm says. The Ikea sleuths found that in Shenzhen, most of the subjects sat on the floor using the sofas as a backrest. “I can tell you seriously we for sure have not designed our sofas according to people sitting on the floor and using a sofa like that,” says Ydholm.

Aside from the TERRIBLE turns of phrase (one should never use the term ‘meatballs out’ to describe the Indian market. INDIA.) this is a great article that speaks to many of Steph’s interests, primarily capitalism and regional difference.

sharks from support our sharks
sharks from support our sharks

Rap duo Coda Conduct take on Queanbeyan.

Steph laughed her way through this entire article: Karl Ove Knausgaard Is The World’s Worst Travel Writer. Steph loves travel writing, but hates many travel writers because they’re usually white people exploring exotic locations and learning about themselves on a backdrop of brown people. Good times. This is like everything that’s terrible about travel writing, but a non-North American travelling around North America, and so great. So funny.

Relatedish: ‘Africa’, a celebrity must have. On celebrity charity tourism and the white saviour complex.

Australian researchers have printed a 3D jet engine, GENIUS and also AWESOME.

Are there Black people in Australia, by Natasha Guantai at Overland. Great piece looking at blackness and immigration and assumptions and Australia, with some great conversations in the comments (and also some terrible ones, of course).

At ABC Science, 8 more things you should know about great white sharks.

Great whites don’t only rely on their sight for tracking prey. Like all sharks, they have special receptor pores under their noses (ampullae of Lorenzini) that detect the extremely tiny electric fields surrounding all living creatures.


Chinese Feminists have been in detention for 2 weeks, and not charged with any crimes, and basically being detained because they’re prominent feminists, and it is NOT ON. Two good articles: At China Law & Policy; at Foreign Policy.