museums of the world: Peranakan Museum

The Peranakan Museum in Singapore is small but really lovely and interesting. Steph visited at 7:30 on a Friday night (half price Friday nights! That all museums would do such a thing).

Post is mostly about crockery and needlework, but does include some discussions of death (ooh ominous)  and musings on religion.

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museum shops of the world: national maritime museum in gdansk

IMG_2942I know you’re wondering, will Steph ever finish this endless tour of museums and/or museum shops? No, because she’s moving to Singapore in four weeks where her job is literally ‘do science-based art’, so you’re looking at another few months. Settle in, quokkas.

[Also, Liz still has a couple of Brisvegas museum shops up her sleeve. Somehow we found ourselves with a backlog!]

This week on museum shops of the world: National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

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Museum Shops of the World: Museum of Brisbane

1Instead of posting last week’s linkspam on Friday, I was in Brisbane, visiting the museum shops of my youth.

Back in the day — which is to say, the early to mid 2000s — the Museum of Brisbane was a funny little museum in a basement below City Hall.

(Steph interjects: a basement in a city that floods is a TERRIBLE place for a museum, Brisbane, wth.)

(Liz adds: City Hall is above the flood zone!)

It contained your standard local history exhibits, covering Indigenous cultures, the convict era and the 1972 floods, but sometimes it also featured totally whackadoo art instalments. My favourite was the film of a guy humping a mud puddle — sans pants — and apologising over and over again to the planet.

My favourite part of the Museum of Brisbane was the shop — in fact, it was the very first museum shop I fell in love with. It carried your usual doodads and whatnots, but it also had local history books that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

I was excited to revisit the museum and its delightful little shop last week.

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museum shops of the world: sovereign hill

J asked
J asked “is this all Henry?” because I accidentally convinced him all the steam engine parts were the inside of Henry from Thomas the Tank Engine. Sodor truly is a dystopia.

Stephanie went on a family excursion with four year old nibling J to Sovereign Hill on Monday. It was hilarious! She took a day off work, caught the V/Line, wandered through a mine, oohed and ahhed over steam engines and made fun of old books. She also has very, very strong feelings about their gift shop.

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