White foodie bingo

Stephanie discovered an amazing cafe in my area the other day, and when I googled it, one of the first results was A Certain Local Food Blog I Sometimes Like To Hateread.

And so this bingo card was born: things white foodies say about ~ethnic~ restaurants and cafes.

(We didn’t set out for this to be a week of food politics. We just really enjoy food, and also food politics.)

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Shark in the loo

This week’s Doctor Who episode (Liz liked it a lot! Especially Bill “greatest companion since the last one you really loved” Potts!) has a beat where the Doctor clears out a Sydney cafe by emerging from the toilets and shouting, “Shark attack!” For plot reasons, obviously.

But it’s frankly ridiculous that this ploy would work, so here are a couple of short listicles.

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No Award’s 2017 Resolutions

bulldogcat3APPARENTLY research shows that you should only make resolutions after having a nice epiphany on a nice holiday. But it’s Lunar New Year on Saturday, and Liz only just went back to work last week, so it seems like a good arbitrary time to talk about things we’d like to do as individuals (and a blog) over the coming months.

Post features pictures of cats.

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It’s always #cephalopodweek somewhere

According to the internet, #cephalopodweek takes place either in June, or right now. Or maybe it’s both! Can we properly appreciate cephalopods in just a single week? DEFINITELY NOT.

I have a lot of feelings about cephalopods, to the point where I can no longer eat delicious calamari. So it is my great honour and privilege to share with the world my Top 5 Best Cephalopods Ever.

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