Second Form at Malory Towers – Chapters 13 and 14

I have a new appreciation for Blyton right now, because I’ve been reading some early Angela Brazil novels, and, well.

Brazil was one of the pioneers of the girls boarding school novel as a genre in its own right, but her early stuff, at least, hasn’t aged well. I don’t just mean the old-fashioned, episodic narrative structure, I mean the bit where the heroine’s sister writes minstrel songs for a hobby (a … different term is used), or the long digression about the inhumanity of the Chinese. I have a new appreciation for Blyton’s “everyone is white, and we’ll just be prejudiced against the Europeans who aren’t English” approach.


Anyway, stay tuned for more about Brazil in the podcast I’m launching with my friend Heidi in the new year. Yes, it’s about boarding school stories. Obviously.

When we left Malory Towers, scholarship girl Ellen was flouncing out in tears after Daphne makes a just-barely-inaudible jibe about her limited finances.

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Second Form at Malory Towers – Chapters 11 and 12

Previously at Malory Towers:

  • Daphne has come to secretly like Mary-Lou
  • Mary-Lou quite openly adores Daphne
  • The two Mam’zelles are feuding
  • Belinda has been entertaining her peers with satirical illustrations of the Mam’zelles’ French civil war
  • Alicia suggested that Belinda “accidentally” leave her sketches where Jolly Mam’zelle Dupont can find them — but knows it will in fact be Bad Tempered Mam’zelle Rougier who’ll see the unflattering pictures

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Second Form at Malory Towers – Chapters 1 and 2

Stephanie’s out of the country, which means … IT’S SQUID TIME! And also, you know, time to relaunch the Malory Towers readthrough.

You can find previous posts in the series here.

Second Form at Malory Towers! Let’s go!

Darrell, Sally, Gwendoline, Mary-Lou and all the other girls from the First Term at Malory Towers are now in the second form and they are as lively as ever. Mam’zelle Dupont is still trying to be strict, Alicia plays a terrible trick with invisible chalk and Gwendoline and Daphne inevitably get into trouble.

Thanks, blurb!

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A jolly good apocalypse

Today’s post is brought to you by my subconscious!

Let me tell you, Enid Blyton and Mad Max: Fury Road make for an odd combination. But how would the Malory Towers girls fare in an apocalypse?

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