fashion lifespirations of no award: sa ding ding

A couple of months ago Sa Ding Ding performed in London and somehow no Western fashion blogs (that Steph saw) used this as an opportunity to talk about Sa Ding Ding’s amazing fashions! This is an oversight! Much as Steph adores Fan Bing Bing, if you’re not also into the fashion of Chinese singer 萨顶顶 then you are super missing out.

Don’t worry though, Steph is here to help you out.


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mariah improving the lodge and some auspol shenanigans

Ms Mariah Carey has been dating a man who is beneath her for some time now. (Not for the first time!  Probs not for the last!  Spoilers: most men are unworthy of Mariah.)

Last week No Award encountered the rumour that she had left her own place to move into his subpar mansion. Although Mariah has since denied these claims, it took us to a great place: the idea of Mariah moving into the Lodge.

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