role models of no award

No Award is totally not yet grown up, and as such has role models. They’re under the read more cos this got long, turns out we role model many Australians.

  • Lee Lin Chin
    Despite tragically being revealed as not the author of her gold tweets, Lee Lin Chin is a delightful older Azn Australian lady with great fashion who has read the news to us our whole lives. Five stars.
    LLC in an amazing green coat with puffy peplum, standing in a field
  • Julia Gillard
    But only sometimes.
  • First Dog on the Moon
    We want to model our lives after First Dog so much, we’re holding a FDOTM party. (Note: FD being our role model does not extend to his football team as far as Stephanie is concerned.  Liz, however, credits her vague fondness for the Western Bulldogs to FD, and also the fact she just moved to the western suburbs.)
  • Gillian Triggs
  • Anyone who restarts the potato cake/scallop argument (it’s potato cake!)
  • The actual person who writes Lee Lin Chin’s tweets
  • Nova Peris
    Olympic athlete, and first Indigenous Australian woman elected to Parliament.
  • Mary Kostakidis
    Former SBS newsreader, she was just as important to Baby!Steph as LLC, and has continued her post SBS career with serving on the National Human Rights Consultation Committee, the Fred Hollows Foundation Board, and the Sydney Peace Prize (of which she was chair for a time).
  • Julian Effing Burnside
    Except when he’s defending Assange.
  • Benita from Play School
    Benita with other mid-90s Playschool presenters(here she is defending Our ABC)
  • Miranda Tapsell
    She’s an outspoken Indigenous (Larrakia Tiwi) woman (here she is talking about racial bullying) and a totally excellent actress with a great twitter.
  • Senator Penny Wong
  • Senator Penny Wong giving Joe Hockey the direct cut
  • Harold Holt, the least evil Liberal prime minister; also, when he learned that Indigenous rights were a thing, he set out to meet community leaders and elders to learn more.  #maytheseareturnhim
  • Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
    She puts a hell of a lot of time and energy into bringing our shameful treatment of asylum seekers to light, and bears the resulting barrage of (highly gendered) abuse with an admirable lack of hiding in bed crying (which is Liz’s preferred strategy).
  • Luke Pearson
    He’s an Indigenous man trying to build an Indigenous media empire, and that’s a goal we can get behind. As always, No Award thinks you should be reading IndigenousX.
  • Senator Scott Ludlum’s hair
    The best hair in the senate.  The guy himself is pretty okay, too.
  • Fan Bing Bing
    She’s not Australian, but she transcends nationality. Both the most beautiful person in the world, and one of the richest people in the world. Fan Bing Bing has this awesome empire of restaurants and clothing and entertainment, and also wears clothes that Steph would murder for. That we could all be dressed by Guo Pei and Christopher Bu. Lifespirations.

3 thoughts on “role models of no award

  1. I think the fact that Lee Lin Chin allows whoever writes her tweets to use her name makes her almost as awesome as if she wrote them herself. ALMOST.

    I fully support and endorse this list of role models. They are all worth emulating. I also applaud your list of exclusions.

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