food, culture, and the personal instead of the political

On Friday, Steph went to a symposium on the urban politics of food. How on brand! Today she’s talking about some of the main themes (food as diversity, labelling as tool of racism, urban planning) and her feelings about them.
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book review: following fish, samanth subramanian

In an effort to get through her to-be-read pile, Steph is attempting to read one non-white travelogue a month in 2017. Her first: Following Fish: Travels around the Indian coast, by Samanth Subramanian.

Hope you like learning about fish curries and the evils of globalisation. 4.5/5 fishies.

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no award does important cocktail research

Liz and Steph, who only have your best interests at heart, recently attended the From Bush to Bar Cocktail Workshop held at the Immigration Museum as part of North South Feast West. We were promised native ingredients, which sadly didn’t appear, but we did get local spirits, a very interesting history of spirits and grains, a whole lot of ideas for cocktails, and a tiny bit squiffy.  It was for science. 
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Urbanspoon reviews by Paul Mercurio

NOT A JOKE: Superdancer of No Award’s childhood, Paul Mercurio, has an Urbanspoon account and he really, really cares about your food.  Paul thinks every dining experience is the Pan Pacifics, and it’s great. He just wants you to be happy!

Volpino - Excellent food and service. "We went to Volpino on Friday night for my Mum's 79th birthday - there were 12 of us and there no complaints from any one! From the outset the service was excellent, very attentive without being pushy and considering how busy they were that night we never had to wait for service or assistance. I love the menu it is the sort of food I enjoy eating and in fact the sort of food I love to cook. The pizza was very authentic, thin crust simple toppings fresh good quality ingredients. I had squid ink pasta with seafood - all of it delicious and the serving size was spot on. My wife had the fish which was delicate fresh clean and also delicious. I could go on about all of the dishes we ordered and ate but quite simply the food and the service was excellent and I was impressed. They were also happy for us to bring in a birthday cake which they hid and then delivered to our table with candles burning. Thanks for a great night to everyone at Volpino and Friday night!! I will definitely be back. "

He wants what’s best for you!

Cammeray Craft - Excellent

He doesn’t want to tell you bad news, but he’s just so disappointed and all he wants is for you to do well!

He knows that when you’re doing work you can still find time for a nice meal.

Zonzo - An absolute delight

He used to own a restaurant called Merc’s Bier, and he totally supports you if you need to be alone – Paul would never shame you for dining on your own.

His Urbanspoon account is a delight:

Look at his excitement! So great.

See more from Paul on Urbanspoon or Twitter. Nobody quote Strictly Ballroom at him or I’ll be very disappointed in you. (You can quote it at me though. Never get tired of NEW STEPS)

A Tour of Issues of Appropriation and Racism in Melbourne’s Restaurants

One day I was cycling around Melbourne and I saw a delivery motor bike in front of me. On its rear it said “you ling, we bling,” and I braked so fast you’d have thought I was in a cartoon. The unfortunate thing is, Miss Chu’s is not alone amongst Melbourne’s eateries in its racist imagery. So come with me now on a tour of racism, appropriation and ‘fun’ across Melbourne’s restaurants.

I'm going to throw this pu-erh in your face
I’m going to throw this pu-erh in your face

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Reasons why No Award has dietary requirements

We hate freedom

We hate you

We really want to upset youstolen from

When Stephanie consumes something on the forbidden list, she turns purple, blows up to the size of a blimp, and then explodes
Hunger really is better than airport food

There are a lot of problems with the meat industry and associated animal products, and Australia’s industrial agricultural complex

Well, it saves us from mindless snacking…

Lactose intolerance is no small matter

We’re boycotting Catholic-approved foods

Sharks have a list of forbidden foods

Penguins have a list of forbidden foodstotally stolen from

Cephalopods have a list of forbidden foods

Because yer mum

To make life more complicated

We just really enjoy having long conversations with waitstaff

Buddhism says one must consider every creature but also it’s their own fault for doing something to come back as a cow

Explosive diarrhoea