edible australian care package

So your parent/friend/ex-wife’s coworker’s partner is travelling to Australia, and has offered to bring you back something delicious and uniquely Australia. But how will they know? NO AWARD IS HERE FOR YOU.

  • Tim Tams
  • specifically original flavour
  • but also maybe one of the limited edition flavours
  • whatever happened to the black forest flavour, that was great
  • [Liz: that is a lie]
  • a packet of Fantales
  • a packet of Sherbies (these are vegan btw)
  • at least one Furry Friend, if not all five


  • Minties
  • it blows my MIND that you can’t get Minties outside of the antipodes
  • musk Lifesavers
  • or musk sticks
  • or why not both?
  • teeth


  • Fruit Tingles (ALSO VEGAN)
  • maybe the racist lollies
  • [Liz: I keep buying the racist lollies with the aim of taking pictures for a future NA post about Racist Foods of Australia. But then I eat them, for they are as delicious as they are problematic.]
  • maybe just look at this whole list of lollies and let us know what you want
  • Monte Carlos
  • Scotch Finger biscuits
  • Iced Vovos
  • lemon myrtle and macadamia biscuits
  • when we say biscuits, we mean bikkies, and what we mean is a sweet dry cookie, not a goddamn savoury scone
  • Vegemite with accompanying instructions (vegan hooray, what would I do if it weren’t)
  • proper Aussie Cadbury
  • every other Cadbury doesn’t taste the same
  • Crunchie
  • no Nestle chocolate
  • [Liz: you may have one Violet Crumble, but you should feel a twinge of guilt as you eat it]
  • an espresso machine with accompanying barista and a proper latte glass
  • [Liz: if your barista serves you a flat white in a latte glass, please return them to Australia for a full refund or replacement]


11 thoughts on “edible australian care package

  1. I only just hit post and I’m already having regrets!

    a) WizzFizz, how did I forget WizzFizz

    b) I will accept any and all arguments for things that should be added to or removed from this post

  2. No package is complete when I send one without Cheddar Shapes. But that is the recipient’s preference; BBQ would also work. (My brother and his girlfriend also like us to send chicken salt.)

    1. Shapes aren’t on this list ONLY out of protest for the new recipes. BBQ shapes are essential (though Savoury were my favourite before the great veganing)

  3. Lisa

    Sherbies and Fruit Tingles are no longer vegan- they contain E120 according to the Nestle Australia website 😦

    I would also add (based on expat requests)-
    *Solo & passiona soft drinks
    *Twisties (apparently the chicken ones are hard to find OS, but we don’t get the curry ones here)
    * Chicken salt (often vegan)
    *Mint slice bikkies (& the vegan equivalents, ditto vegan tim tams)
    * Vegan Oreos if going to a place where the local Oreos are not vegan

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