Smashing avocado

The avocado discourse has reached America — that is to say, an Australian property mogul said that if Australian millennials were more like him, inheriting $34,000 instead of frittering their earned income away on smashed avocado on toast at $19 a pop, we’d all be able to afford houses.

Naturally, Americans assumed it was about them.

I have no time for this nonsense, but I do have time for smashed avocado.  So I took a tour of brunch menus, comparing and contrasting their avo offerings — and I found them distressingly limited. Has the smashed avocado had its day? Are we all buying houses now?

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White foodie bingo

Stephanie discovered an amazing cafe in my area the other day, and when I googled it, one of the first results was A Certain Local Food Blog I Sometimes Like To Hateread.

And so this bingo card was born: things white foodies say about ~ethnic~ restaurants and cafes.

(We didn’t set out for this to be a week of food politics. We just really enjoy food, and also food politics.)

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A Tour of Issues of Appropriation and Racism in Melbourne’s Restaurants

One day I was cycling around Melbourne and I saw a delivery motor bike in front of me. On its rear it said “you ling, we bling,” and I braked so fast you’d have thought I was in a cartoon. The unfortunate thing is, Miss Chu’s is not alone amongst Melbourne’s eateries in its racist imagery. So come with me now on a tour of racism, appropriation and ‘fun’ across Melbourne’s restaurants.

I'm going to throw this pu-erh in your face
I’m going to throw this pu-erh in your face

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