We have opinions about bollart

Recently here in Melbourne we got a whole bunch of ‘anti-terrorism bollards’, aka large cement cubes that don’t really stop cars from driving through the Bourke Street Mall, since the tram tracks are right there.

Melburnians have obviously started decorating the shit out of these things, and of course we have feelings.

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Cultural things around Melbourne we’re keen to do and see

We started one post for today, then realised we had to wait for more information, then we started ANOTHER post, but it was food-related and we both had bad experiences with lunch.

So here’s TAKE THREE, museum and gallery exhibitions which intrigue us, and other cultural thingos we’re looking forward to.

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Museum shops of the world: the Koorie Heritage Trust — plus the Moving Tongues exhibit

Yesterday was shockingly windy, but I had to leave the house for a Continuum programming meeting (aka eating a steak sandwich with a friend while we made plans and took notes and scribbled things like “THIS PANEL CANNOT RUN WITHOUT MAJORITY ASIAN PANELISTS” in our spreadsheets).

And since I was in the city anyway, I managed to knock some places off my to-do-one-day list: the Koorie Heritage Trust, and the Moving Tongues exhibit at the City Library.

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Asian Ghost-ery Store

agsSteph has taken advantage of having a blog to interview her friend Vidya, who has a show, Asian Ghost-ery Store, starting this very week at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

So today Steph and Vidya talk talcum powder, ambiguity, ghosts, and the comfort of the Asian grocery store.

The show blurb:

Raised in the aisles of Asian grocery stores, time has come for Shan and Yaya to escape — and haunt modern Australia. But how do a couple of ghosts conjure a stylish, post-racial image while stuffing their faces with Hello Panda? Shannan Lim and Vidya Rajan glide you through a late-night trolley ride of story, performance, sketch and meandering rumination. Part truthful, part ball of lies, Asian Ghost-ery Store is an exorcism — a dark yet gleeful shopping spree of their shared consciousness.

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The Lost + Rare Trades Fair

Over the weekend, Liz piled into a car with some Friends of No Award and also Friends of Friends of No Award, and headed out to Kyneton (coincidentally the hometown of Stephanie’s most embarrassing celebrity crush) for the Lost + Rare Trades Fair (and also embarrassing celebrity crush sighting).

(Steph went to the National Steam Centre instead of Kyneton; she has this celebrity crush business UNDER CONTROL)

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Rare No Award Art Post: Narnia and the Inner North AU – Spring Racing Carnival Shenanigans

1.  On a slow Monday in 2013, a bunch of friends and I conceived a Narnia AU (that’s alternate universe, for those of you not steeped in fandom lingo) where Narnia is Melbourne’s inner north and its denizens are basically hipsters.

1a. The question is not whether or not Reepicheep owns a fedora, but how many fedoras he owns.

2.  Melbourne is currently in the grips of the Spring Racing Carnival, that time of year when we have a public holiday to get dressed up, wear silly hats and drink champagne (yay!) and also lots of horses die because horse racing is terrible (not yay!)

1 + 2 = 3.  Shasta and Aravis have something to say about this.


(As a result of this piece, I was asked to do the Narnian hipsters’ Tinder profiles.  I’m still contemplating that, but I am 100% certain that Lucy is one of those girls whose cat features heavily in her profile.)

(He is not a tame housecat.)