An evening with First Dog on the Moon

First Dog on the Moon’s comedy show covered, among other things, the power of cartoons to change the world. Accordingly, No Award’s account of the evening is hereby presented in cartoon form. (With description at the end for people using screenreaders.)

cartoon 1

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cartoon 2


cartoon 3

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cartoon 4



As good coffee-swilling, local-organic-gin-drinking, Greens-voting, inner-city-dwelling lefties, we are naturally big fans of anarcho-marsupialist cartoonist First Dog on the Moon.

Stephanie even hosted a First Dog Party last year.

[Image: Liz wearing sunglasses, a purple dress and matching leggings and a fascinator; Stephanie wearing a penguin onesie.

Steph: “Some baba ghanoush, ASIO eggplant Liz?”
Liz: “Get in the van.”]

So this weekend, Liz attended First Dog’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, An Evening With First Dog On The Moon.

[Image: First Dog wearing a shark costume, pointing a fin at a screen on which is depicted Tony Abbott wearing a bucket on his head. Written on the bucket is “Hello Ladies!”]

It was as entertaining as you’d expect from a PowerPoint presentation by a man wearing a shark costume. You know. Nothing out of the ordinary.

(That’s a joke. I had a great time.)

It must be said that the show rather suffered from, um, the fact that Tony Abbott isn’t PM anymore.

(Comedy: literally the only field of human endeavour where that is a problem.)

And maybe some bits were recycled from the cartoons. They were still funny.


First Dog: “Lots of people make suggestions for cartoons…”
Liz: “So maybe I won’t lobby for better cephalopod representation…”]

There was an opportunity at the end to buy merch and have it signed. I always get this terrible urge to be funny. It never ends well.

This time I settled for “keen and curious”. I asked Mr Onthemoon about his fonts. We talked kerning. If I had a bucket list, I guess I could cross something off. Maybe.

Important things to take away:

– cartoons can change the world
– dogs are good people
– the current government are not
– we should be nicer to each other in general
– wind turbine syndrome will never stop being hilarious


First Dog: “I use a font based on my own handwriting. But the kerning on the special characters is wrong.”
Liz: “Oh, that is the worst.”]

2 thoughts on “An evening with First Dog on the Moon

  1. nonelvis

    This is an excellent post, and you should feel very, very good about it.

    Also, having a font based on my handwriting but which didn’t have the kerning right would drive me bananas.

    1. Kerning is like aspect ratio: a technical thing I didn’t understand or notice AT ALL until a more knowledgeable friend explained it, AND NOW I SEE ALL THE ERRORS.

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