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Ooh we read a lot this week, what is up with that

Last Friday, Comedians Zoe Coombs Marr and Rhys Nicholson wed in Melbourne’s first gay marriage; that is, they’re in same sex relationships, and they got married. That they’re not in relationships with each other, well… (A++)

(That sure is preserving the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, well done all!)

Why Does Hollywood Keep Disrespecting Melissa McCarthy?

And if people don’t like the work she’s doing, perhaps the question shouldn’t be “Should she get a new agent?” or “Doesn’t she understand that she’s testing our patience?” but rather, given her track record and talent, “Why isn’t the industry lining up to work with her, direct her, write better stuff for her, and see if it can make her even more of a success?” Don’t they like money? Or is proving that Melissa McCarthy isn’t a movie star more important to maintaining the status quo than benefiting from the fact that she is?

This tumblr rant on why garbage disposals are terrible is so great. They’re so INEXPLICABLE.

Friend of No Award, Dr Jonathan, has written about his adventure in his parents’ backyard near the Snowy River (including camping); if you like thoughts about Australia’s variety of plants, having emotions about rivers, and what it means that Australians aren’t as into exploring their natural environment than people from England, you should definitely check his post out.

Is the halal snack pack the Aussie poutine we’ve all been waiting for? Is it walking a fine line between appropriation and multicultural embrace? Is it basically heartburn in a box?

The halal snack pack: a fast track to a heart attack? Or worse?

Five Mates Started A Hilarious Facebook Group About Halal Snack Packs

Is it lunchtime yet? It doesn’t help that Liz just found out that there is an actual debate about whether or not oysters are vegan: Consider the Oyster.

Why?! Dan Harmon and FX to develop a “Thomas The Tank Engine for adults”

“The book didn’t sell and yes, I was mean-spirited enough to rejoice”: An essay on the dark arts of book editing

This makes Steph’s stomach coil with unease and stress cos it is fucked and racist and Islamaphobic: US university student removed from flight after speaking Arabic on plane HE WAS SAYING HI TO HIS UNCLE COME ON.

Why We Know Whether a Swallow Is Frightened in a Storm – What really happens on the Animal internet


Off the coast of Australia, a ten-foot-long, tagged female great white shark that went by the name “Shark Alpha,” disappeared from the radar. According to the tracking device, at four o’clock in the morning, the shark was suddenly torn five hundred yards into the depths, with astonishing power and speed. Within seconds, the chip also recorded a spike in ambient temperature, from 8 degrees Celsius to 25. That is the temperature of an animal’s insides; the shark must have been eaten by an aquatic predator. The chip could be followed for the next eight days, at which point it vanished from the control monitor. It was most likely voided. Four months later, it was found on shore, bleached by gastric acid. Researchers suspect Shark Alpha fell prey to a much larger creature. It will have to have been at least five meters long and weighed two tons or more. But what was it? An orca? Orcas usually hunt close to the surface. The deepest killer whale dive on record is 260 yards. Another great white? This species has a body temperature of 18 degrees—not 25. Could it actually have been a monstrous octopod or a megalodon, a gargantuan prehistoric predator that some say may has survived, hidden in the darkest depths of the ocean?


The survival time of chocolates on hospital wards: covert observational study

Important science, well done those doctors.

Yes, good, praise translators because we are the sun: Spurn the Translator at Your Own Peril

Why you’ll no longer be able to buy air plants in Australia – haha same reason for the video of Depp and Heard earlier this week

SCIENCE: NASA has trialled an engine that would take us to Mars in 10 weeks

“White Saviour Barbie” is the perfect response to self-indulgent volunteer selfies

Why Did ‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Whitewash Their Asian Characters?

And therein lies the problem: A Kikuchi (who is four years older than Johansson) — or a similar Asian-American actress — couldn’t have debuted as the daughters of John Ritter and Sean Connery, as Johansson did in her early films. She likely wouldn’t have gotten her big break as an equestrian-loving teen in Montana opposite Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer. (She might have made a good Rebecca in Ghost World.) She couldn’t have effectively played an outsider in Tokyo in Lost in Transition, which catapulted her to stardom, or a Dutch painter’s muse in Girl With a Pearl Earring, or Woody Allen’s muse in Match Point, Scoop or Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She couldn’t have played a London magician’s assistant in The Prestige or Mary Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl. And most of all, she never, ever would have been cast as the Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So how does an Asian actor become famous enough to play an Asian character? Judging by Speed Racer(starring Emile Hirsch), Dragonball Evolution (starring Shameless‘ Justin Chatwin), Ghost in the Shell and the upcoming Death Note (starring Nat Wolff), Hollywood has yet to answer the question.

Dystopiana, Australiana

YA dystopia isn’t just a publishing fad in Australia, it’s a subgenre that’s been around for decades.

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