Museum shops of the world: the Chinese Museum

The Chinese Museum is one of my favourite places in Melbourne. Located beside Her Majesty’s Theatre, in a building which used to hold overflow from the theatre’s wardrobe, it contains four floors of Chinese-Australian history, from the gold rush to the end of the White Australia Policy.

I visited the Museum itself a few months back, but I didn’t have a chance to look closely at the shop that day.  Finally, I’ve had a chance to rectify that serious omission.


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Sunday arvo Oz music jam

A new thing here at No Award: we’re taking it in turns to share some top Australian music on a Sunday afternoon.

(My contributions will be mostly hip hop by women, because back when Iggy Azalea was relevant, I started putting together a post about great women rappers of Australia.  That was a few years ago, and I’ve gone from only having a few names in mind, to having too much music to choose from.)

everybody’s doing a brand new linkspam

When is a TV Show Too Gay?: Representation and universality in Looking and Please Like Me — Or, is Australia lagging in terms of queer representation on television?

Zen Cho on PoC/Queer/Marginalised People in Western SFF Fandom

The Geek’s Guide to Disability

A book review: I’m Not Racist, But…Forty Years of the Racial Discrimination Act

Monash Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing 

A bunch of responses to some bigoted, racebaiting journalistic fail this week, with content warnings for graphic false rape allegations:

A tissue of lies: Paul Sheehan and “Louise”

Finally, The Islamophobic Race-Baiting Of Fairfax And Paul Sheehan Blows Up In Their Face [Editorial note — that’s race-baiting by Fairfax and Sheehan, not of them.  Remember that time New Matilda could be relied on for its consistent quality? Yeah, that was a good five minutes.]

SMH columnist: I should not have written Middle Eastern rape column without fact checks

Paul Sheehan’s unchecked allegations ‘a catastrophe for sexual assault victims’

…if the alleged attacker isn’t white, all of a sudden previously silent men become militant feminists. It’s curious, then, that these men only use this newfound feminism as a cudgel against feminists.

Uber To Deliver Snakes To Your Office Whether You Order Them Or Not

“It’s all about disrupting the typical office space. It’s about disrupting the market. We’re shaking up the infospace with a box of cobras and rattlesnakes. They represent the dynamic shift that we’re bringing to the workplace. They represent the daring challenge we’re introducing to the modern world. Also, they’re very much a literal box of snakes.”

Torres Strait Islander flag repeatedly stolen from park in Heidelberg West because people thought it looked Arabic, which is terrifying on two levels

Footscray: melting pot turned hipster hotspot — a photo-essay about diversity and gentrification. #innerwestlief

Important Fatberg update, Newcastle edition

Con or Bust: Brisbane edition

2b-Green-dino-only-smaller-whiteCon or Bust is an American fan fund created to assist People of Colour to attend SFF conventions.  It’s an excellent project funded entirely through donations and an annual online auction, and we at No Award are very excited that it has come to Australia.

Contact, the 2016 NatCon (this year in Brisbane), has donated two memberships, and there is up to $550 of assistance available for accommodation.

The catch: if you need assistance beyond membership and accommodation — ie, airfare — the deadline for applying is before 11:59 pm, Thursday 25 February, US Eastern Standard Time.  (Yes, my fellow lolstralians, that is working out in our favour, thank you, time zones.)

Go forth, lolstralians of a non-white persuasion, and apply!!

[Con or Bust logo was designed and created by an anonymous artist.]

Stephanie says: Liz will be attending NatCon as the NAFF delegate, so you should definitely find her and yell with her.

Blackface in Australia

In a stunning break with brand, we’re starting with a blockquote from somewhere else:

Sadly, the glorious run came to an end in somewhat dramatic fashion this weekend after Opals star Alice Kunek posted an image of herself in blackface, apparently “in support of” rapper Kanye West. No word from Mr West on how he feels about that ‘support’, but we’ll hazard a guess that an African-American musician would not be overly into the idea of reappropriating the aesthetic of a famously racist musical form.

After Kunek was called out by teammate Elizabeth Cambage, a furious reaction ensued. (Against Cambage.)

Quokkas, let’s talk about blackface, again.

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A round-up of “Formation” thinkpieces

Sunday 7 February, morning (Australian time): Beyoncé drops a new single and video, the proudly black, history-and-politics-steeped “Formation”.

“Formation” is steeped in culture and history that is not ours, and most of the links below are part of conversations that are not aimed at us.  But they help to set “Formation” in context for us foreigners, to whom the work is nonetheless being marketed.

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