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When is a TV Show Too Gay?: Representation and universality in Looking and Please Like Me — Or, is Australia lagging in terms of queer representation on television?

Zen Cho on PoC/Queer/Marginalised People in Western SFF Fandom

The Geek’s Guide to Disability

A book review: I’m Not Racist, But…Forty Years of the Racial Discrimination Act

Monash Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing 

A bunch of responses to some bigoted, racebaiting journalistic fail this week, with content warnings for graphic false rape allegations:

A tissue of lies: Paul Sheehan and “Louise”

Finally, The Islamophobic Race-Baiting Of Fairfax And Paul Sheehan Blows Up In Their Face [Editorial note — that’s race-baiting by Fairfax and Sheehan, not of them.  Remember that time New Matilda could be relied on for its consistent quality? Yeah, that was a good five minutes.]

SMH columnist: I should not have written Middle Eastern rape column without fact checks

Paul Sheehan’s unchecked allegations ‘a catastrophe for sexual assault victims’

…if the alleged attacker isn’t white, all of a sudden previously silent men become militant feminists. It’s curious, then, that these men only use this newfound feminism as a cudgel against feminists.

Uber To Deliver Snakes To Your Office Whether You Order Them Or Not

“It’s all about disrupting the typical office space. It’s about disrupting the market. We’re shaking up the infospace with a box of cobras and rattlesnakes. They represent the dynamic shift that we’re bringing to the workplace. They represent the daring challenge we’re introducing to the modern world. Also, they’re very much a literal box of snakes.”

Torres Strait Islander flag repeatedly stolen from park in Heidelberg West because people thought it looked Arabic, which is terrifying on two levels

Footscray: melting pot turned hipster hotspot — a photo-essay about diversity and gentrification. #innerwestlief

Important Fatberg update, Newcastle edition