will we ever see your faces again? (yes)

There’s something to be said for endings. The running of the end credits, the closing of the book, the last spoonful of vegan gelato.

So it is with No Award.

We’ve had to make a choice between continuing this blog, versus prioritising other things — from real life to family to, yes, other blogging projects. And we’ve decided to close up shop.

We’re not going away! Stephanie will shout very professionally and reasonably about sustainability and science fiction, and occasionally go on rants about people who are wrong, at stephanielai.net (which she needs to make prettier, a summer project). Thus far it’s only  been functioning as a kind of CV, but that will change basically immediately.

And Liz’s Star Trek feelpinions will be posted to squiddishly.net, along with important content like her Top 5 Worst Birbs, and maybe some more live-blogging of terrible tie-in novels.

And you’ll see us in the usual places — hanging out in the bar at Continuum, lurking in various museum and art gallery shops, and anywhere excellent opinions are found.

You should, if you do not already, definitely follow us both on Twitter: Stephanie is @yiduiqie and Liz is @_lizbarr.

Star Trek: Discovery 1.09 – “Into the Forest I Go”

I can’t believe it’s been eight weeks since this adventure started. Or that we have to wait another eight weeks for the final six episodes of season 1, because apparently “fall season finales” are a thing the world needed.

This week: Michael Burnham is extraordinary; Lorca gonna Lorca; white women are immortal; Ash Tyler’s still probably a Klingon; and more.

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Star Trek: Discovery 1.05 – “Choose Your Pain”

Last week, I made fun of the show for having a pretentious title.

This week, I would like to make fun of it for having a completely naff title. Fans, right? Are they ever happy?

As it happens, yes! Quibbles aside, I rather enjoyed this episode, and here is the post (complete with parenthetical digressions) to prove it.

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Star Trek: Discovery 1.04 – “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry”

First of all, that is a very pretentious episode title.

Second, this episode had a lot to like, and also a fair bit that I strongly disliked and may end up deciding I hate, so this is not a wholly positive review.

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Star Trek: Discovery (in space, everyone can hear you whitemansplain)

By coincidence, Stephanie and I started streaming Discovery within three minutes of each other. I said I wasn’t going to text her about it, but my emotions were too much for me. We texted. A lot.

This post is less a review than a series of spoilery reactions and feelpinions, of which we have many.

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