So what’s this all about, then?

Who are you people?

Stephanie (@yiduiqie) and Liz (@_lizbarr), Gen Y Melburnian lady nerds and all around people of excellent taste and strong opinions. Stephanie is a super queer Australian of Chinese-descent (and a left-handed archer); she likes penguins, infrastructure, and asian steampunk, and is occasionally paid to train people in surviving our oncoming dystopic future.  Liz is a straight Anglo-Celtic Australian with a chronic illness; she is swimming in privilege but tries not to drown in it.  She likes squid, bikes and media aimed at tweens and young adults.

And you needed this blog because…

We realised that, while there are lots of resources and places to discuss social justice online, particularly in the context of media and fandom, they’re heavily UScentric.  We wanted to create a space for Australian voices.

Did you just call it “No Award” to troll the Chronos Awards?

Excuse me, we are trolling all the awards.

(Okay, fine, “No Award” is a standard entry in many award ballots, to enable people to indicate their complete disdain for all the nominees, while still having the personal satisfaction of having participated in the democratic process.  We just thought it was funny.)

Yes, hilarious.

Admit it, you smiled a little.

Can we find No Award anywhere else?

Yes! You can find us on the twitters at @_NoAward and at Facebook at No Award Lolstralia

One thought on “So what’s this all about, then?

  1. Sue


    I have just watched Seragoon road. I loved it mainly because the mandarin and malay were at a level I could just about understand. I can’t think of any show in Australia that has that level of multiculturalism.
    I thought the Claire romance bit was rubbish but I loved it when she realised that with Frank she could go to Europe so she drops Sam like a hot cake. She really was a pretty little thing!
    Anyway thanks for the reviews

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