No Award’s 2017 Resolutions

bulldogcat3APPARENTLY research shows that you should only make resolutions after having a nice epiphany on a nice holiday. But it’s Lunar New Year on Saturday, and Liz only just went back to work last week, so it seems like a good arbitrary time to talk about things we’d like to do as individuals (and a blog) over the coming months.

Post features pictures of cats.


  • Cook more
  • Better sleep hygiene
  • Pay off some debt
  • Stop worrying about US politics, channel energy into local activism
  • Cuddle more cats
  • Punch more Nazis
  • Get a new Australian book from the library each time I go (currently reading: The Hate Race by Maxine Beneba Clarke, spoilers, it’s really good)
  • Return library books on timelittle black cat curled up into a ball in a round basket; she is wearing a red and white striped bow and collar
  • Watch more classic movies
  • Start a podcast
  • Eat less meat
  • Wash dishes more often
  • Support more Patreons


  • Buy less clothes
  • Except when I need them, in which case, try and save up for v good quality clothes
  • Darn my socks
  • Socialise mindfully
  • Rewatch The Pretender
  • Don’t lie in bed scrolling Twitter which leads to getting mad before sleeping
  • Tidy my FB friends list
  • Attend the Women’s Big Bash and Women’s AFL games as much as possible
  • Put things away more often
  • Read a POC travelogue a month
  • Drink more water
  • Paint lots
  • Be in an art show

No Award:

  • Focus on regional, domestic and local activism
  • Try not to get too distracted by US politics
  • Focus on regional, domestic and local pop culture; try not to get too distracted by Eurocentric business unless it’s relevant to the NA mission
  • Steph promises to write her posts when she promises them to Liz and not two months later
  • Liz promises to contribute more to linkspam and not make Stephanie do all the work
  • Is this the year we’ll finally do No Award: The Podcast?
  • Or set up the Patreon we swore we’d launch in January 2016?a black cat with big green eyes sits on a red brick wall, staring at the camera

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  1. Melina

    The Hate Race is SOOOOO good. It’s one of the few times I wish I was back in the classroom because I’d be using it all over the place

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