Linkspam is a place on earth

We here at No Award have been busy running a convention, but now it’s over and we can dedicate ourselves back to you again.

We have a twitter! It has nothing on it yet because Steph is too hungover to save that photo of a tram onto her phone, apparently, but: No Award the twitter. Stand by for tweets.

Stephanie has had a story published! The Dan Dan Mian of the Apocalypse, in the Review of Australian Fiction, 14:4. $2.99 for 8000 words of climate change Australia dystopia fiction by Steph, and 12000 words of fake magical geek girl by Tansy Rayner Roberts. DO IT.

Here are some links, some of them old. We’ve been busy!

This totally amazing post of oral interviews about Clueless. 

End of the car age: how cities are outgrowing automobiles.

The complete business case for converting street parking into bike lanes.

‘Reclaiming Australia’ from Islam is really about reclaiming whiteness.

At Bluntshovels, ‘wellness’ is not about health.

Masa Vukotic had the right to be in a park alone.

SHARKS: sharing the sea with sharks. An interesting perspective, mostly about Australia’s relationship with sharks, in the New Yorker.

MAPS: The fake places that exist on maps only to catch copycat map makers.

Ben Wilkie, the Clash of Symbols, on the anniversary of the 1967 referendum.

Baltimore’s peace-keeping rollerskaters. ADORABLE.