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Hey quokkas. How’s Tuesday going? Yeah, me too.

Anyway so it’s been four days since Adam Goodes, Indigenous Australian AFL player, celebrated a goal he kicked during the Indigenous Round by doing a bit of a dance taught to him by the Under 16 Flying Boomerangs. An Indigenous Australian celebrating his achievements during the Indigenous Round by acknowledging young Indigenous Australians, as it were. Which was then greeted with boos, and racism. Sounds about right to me.

Aamer Rahman’s post at New Matilda, Aamer Rahman On What Adam Goodes’ Invisible Spear Shows Us, is probably my favourite response so far. He gives great, incisive summary:

Dermott Brereton, who has openly admitted to systematically using racial slurs against Black players, was quick to defend the crowd. Surely the people booing Goodes “…couldn’t all be racist? He might not be liked by that many people.” Brereton also offered some deep cultural insights: “To actually run at somebody in a war dance… it actually signifies ‘I want to be violent against you,’” he said, with all the conviction and authority of someone who may have read a book about a thing once. “I didn’t like it. No good could come from it.”

I’ll show you a bloody violence against you, you tosser. Dermott Brereton has always been a wanker. One of my other favourite responses is also from Aamer: tweet Racism in Australia is everywhere and it’s terrifying, and the knowledge that there are people in Australia who don’t consider this racism makes me really angry.

Other things: Indigenous when he’s winning, at Overland, by Morgan Godfrey.

Waleed Aly speaking some good stuff (video). F

irst Dog on the Moon: Thanks a Lot, Racists. Now I can’t boo Adam Goodes.

Adam Goodes’ twitter, if you want to tell him he’s all right.

The Flying Boomerangs share their war cry (note: Steph hasn’t watched this yet cos she’s at work).

Also this is a reminder that Indigenous voices are always welcome on No Award, and any attempts to silence them will always be met with sternness and disapproval. They way to fuck with racism is always to yell and point at it.

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