I wanna do that funky linkspam, baby

Mark Latham’s Marriage Equality Rant Accidentally Raises An Important Issue (URL: “Mark Latham is wrong again”)

Reading this op-ed made me very happy: Abbott’s opposition to marriage equality will cost the Liberals for years to come

Is the tide turning for Australian sci-fi on the small screen?

Why I don’t use #ownvoices, and why readers should stop demanding writers’ personal credentials

Forget heatwaves, our cold houses are much more likely to kill us (Stephanie yells, “when will you all believe me?!”

Indian medical professionals in the early years of the White Australia Policy: ‘The Indian masseur’: How Teepoo Hall Kneaded Early ‘White’ Melbourne

Speaking of the White Australia Policy, if you’re the type of nerd who gets excited at the words “transcribe-a-thon” and “historical documents”, you’re in luck!

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