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Continuum was a week ago, but we are so exhausted. Does this mean we’re getting old? We’re not even thinking about writing up our con posts until next week.

(How many white girl dreads were Killing Heidi responsible for? HOW MANY?)

I’m old enough to remember when Mia Freedman was the editor of Cosmopolitan. She was terrible then, too, and has been consistently awful ever since — but her latest blow-up is particularly ugly, with her objectification and fat shaming of Roxane Gay:


Freedman has issued an “apology”, and there has been a wave of commentary, of which this is by far the best:

Heartfelt Apology to Mamamia for this Article About How Much it Sucks

For the record, I do not think I’ll be able to read Gay’s Hunger, a memoir of abuse and trauma. Instead, I’ve recommended it to all the libraries I belong to which weren’t already getting it. (I belong to a lot of libraries.)

Speaking of terrible things on the internet:

Kirkus is a major publishing journal whose reviews have a powerful influence over American library purchasing decisions, and a weaker influence over Australian library purchasing.

So this weird, victim-blaming, “but what about the mens?” review of a feminist YA novel is Quite Bad.

Luckily, the School Library Journal is here for us: Let’s Talk about MOXIE.

(I can’t believe we’re old enough that the mothers in YA novels are former riot grrrls.)

The super adorable Cindy Pon on chinese water colours (!!! BE STEPH’S FRIEND CINDY) and Writing Through the Lens of an Artist.

Vale SBS Comedy, you were amazing and high quality: Ariana Grande and the healing power of teenage girls who love things.

This (US-focussed) article on why food banks don’t help solve food insecurity is excellent reading. It’s not directly relevant to Australia but it’s a good paradigm for us to contend with in our heads: Why Can’t America Solve the Hunger Problem?

The psychological benefits of being in a bad mood.

This was really helpful to Steph: A farewell to legs – all six of them – as Johnny joins the dearly departed.

LOLOL it sure is: ‘Psychologically scarred’ millennials are killing dozens of industries — and it’s their parents’ fault.

Three Thoughts on Emotional Labour.

The New York Times says Australian Culture is in Low Supply

(Ahaha. Ahahahahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA*wheeze*)