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I wanna be friends with Nakuya Gorrie because everything she says is amazing: What We Mean When We Talk About ‘Ending White Supremacy’

Listen up: Why cyclists are at risk of hearing loss

Our beautiful queer Asian-Australian Penny Wong: ‘We love our children’: Penny Wong’s Senate speech about marriage plebiscite

David Marr on fire: Abbott’s obstruction of gay marriage is a defence of privilege and the power of shame

By Os Faruqi: How The Housing Crisis Could Help Conservatives Win The Marriage Equality Plebiscite

Actually I haven’t read this yet so consider this a bookmark: A brief history of the coffee shop as a symbol for gentrification 

Michele Lee’s Rice turns the wheel hard on gender and racial diversity

Probably the funniest thing I read this week: I’m a Google manufacturing robot and I believe humans are biologically unfit to have jobs in tech

Donate to the Marriage Equality Campaign. You know why.

On a lighter note, SBS On Demand has some great streaming media (along with infamously terrible ad timing), and we are intrigued by the newly commissioned series Homecoming Queens.