what has your government done to you: August edition

This is not a cheerful post. Sorry.

Was racist (duh)

An Indigenous man in South Australia was jailed and then he DIED. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING. (Racism) Police did not contact notification service till after Aboriginal man was dead, says ALRM.

Was homophobic (duh)

Yeah that’s right, we’re talking about the plebbyshite. Sorry.

Have you checked your enrolment? Thursday (TODAY) is the last day! Takes one minute! Literally! Check your enrolment now now. We’ll wait.

If you need to update your details, don’t panic, it takes just a few minutes, and if you have current ID, you don’t even need a witness.

So there was a possibility that 17 year olds were going to be eligible to vote in this, because that’s how competent our government is right now. Anyway now they definitely won’t be allowed to. And this article about it is great: Teenagers believe in marriage equality and we deserve a vote.

‘Paperless option’ confirmed for same-sex marriage postal plebiscite.

*Stephanie rolls off couch onto floor in despair*

Was terrible (of course)

Yeah this is where we talk about our tropical death gulags.

Peter Dutton abandons detention centre secrecy rules amid High Court challenge.

Doubled down: Australia’s offshore detention centres ‘terrible’, says architect of system.

Was not terrible (what?) (haha kidding)

The local government authorities of Yarra and Darebin in Victoria both voted to stop officially celebrating January 26. Amazing! And then, in retaliation, the Federal government banned those councils from being able to confer citizenship at all.

Second council loses citizenship powers after moving Australia Day celebrations. Like, what dickheads.

The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, said the council’s decision was a “great shame” and that holding Australia Day celebrations on 26 January was “quintessentially Australian”.

“I think it’s a great shame that others are not prepared to do the hard work to get that balance right,” he said.


We nicked this image from those notorious left-wing social engineers at the Australian War Memorial.

Anyway go engage in some civil disobedience. Or some uncivil disobedience.