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I super loved George, okay? Katie Noonan ❤

(Liz: I once saw Katie Noonan doing her groceries in the Brisbane CBD, and I wanted to tell her how much I love her music, but I didn’t want to interrupt her while she looked at frozen peas, so I just flailed silently at my companion. GOOD TIMES.)

Speaking of Katie Noonan, here’s a recent interview which discusses her current projects, including a mentorship program for women in regional Queensland. (Note that it does contain the word “g*psy”.)

Nakuya Gorrie: Hope is like a key card I perpetually lose and find

Katherine Cross: When ‘Free Speech’ Kills. This article is very US-focused but, especially in the wake of Elijah Doughty’s death, I think the theory can be applied to us.

White Supremacy Isn’t Just The Nazis, It’s Part Of Everyday Australia

Shakira Hussein: Pauline Hanson: the insult that shocked a nation

Hey so Stephanie accidentally got her mum hooked on this Singaporean crime series and it turns out the author is a queer feminist? So now she’s smug, is what we’re saying; and also if you like cosy crime lit you should read the series: Ovidia Yu, gay feminist author from Singapore, takes a cosy-but-candid approach to addressing the Lion City’s ills

Actually bear with me for a moment: My mum loves this series, and I love it to. It’s cosy, an Auntie who runs a cafe wandering around solving murders in Singapore. And it’s so familiar. Every time I talk to my mum about whichever book she’s reading she tells me something familiar and comforting that made her happy, the way a character spoke or a street they walked down. And it got my mum back into reading, after several years of stress and anxiety and not finding joy in reading. Anyway highly recommended in general already, and now even more so with this article.

Except who translated kiasu as competitive and ambitious? That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read.

Artist Paints ’90s Pop Culture Into Classical Chinese Landscapes

Cars, bicycles and the fatal myth of equal reciprocity

Did you hear about the woman in NSW who has been convicted of abortion? A Woman’s Abortion Conviction Is An Unexpected Wake-Up Call, Experts Say

Yarra council stripped of citizenship ceremony powers after Australia Day changes. Stephanie lives in the City of Yarra and is totally okay with what the council has done, and our government is fucked.

If you, like all members of No Award, didn’t go to Worldcon in Helsinki, we highly recommend Rivqa’s storify of Worldcon. Flippers and tentacles are crossed for New Zealand in 2020.

Sally Rugg: We are angry and heartbroken at the prospect of a plebiscite campaign. But we are more powerful than ever

This was interesting science business: The idea of monogamy as a relationship ideal is based on flawed science

I don’t want to give away the twist in this Reddit post, but it’s relevant to one of Liz’s agendas: One of the locals is trying to break into the house I’m looking after and I need advice.

Grassroots Business

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