Liveblog: Star Trek: The Next Generation – “Death in Winter” by Michael Jan Friedman

Not the usual sort of thing we blog about, not the usual sort of thing I read. But this is special. This, my friends, is the tie-in novel where Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher finally hook up.

And since one of my great regrets in life is that I didn’t liveblog the Voyager novel where Janeway is brought back to life (after being fridged in a TNG novel because Picard didn’t have enough Borg-related angst) and then makes out with Chakotay on the battle bridge, I persuaded Stephanie to let me liveblog it.

(It went like this:

Me: Hey, can I do this?

Her: Sure, why not?

Tricky negotiations required, Picard would be proud.)

[Steph really needs to know more about Janeway and Chakotay making out tbh]

Beyond the cut: a bullet point recounting of the plot, with stream of consciousness digressions and also some gifs.

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shows we loved: The Pretender

Steph’s FAVOURITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE WORLD, The Pretender, turns 20 today. When Steph was a wee teen, she encountered this show about a genius who was kidnapped and taken away to be an ideas generator in a think tank, and when he grew up he discovered he was doing evil and escaped, and then his childhood bestie was brought in to recapture him.

And did she love it so much that she thinks about it constantly 20 years later? OH, YOU BET.

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No Award watches Cleverman 1.05 and 1.06

This week on Cleverman, Liz realises that the time difference whilst Steph was travelling meant she couldn’t frantically text her thoughts to Stephanie; Nerida and Linda continue to be smarter and more competent than the men of the family (sadly, we don’t get to see much of Alinta); Blair makes a truly terrible pun; Kora calls Koen an arse; Sloan continues to be deplorably boring and Steph texts ‘wow WOW’ to Liz quite a lot.

Because we had to wait until Steph’s return to Australia to review these, we’re reviewing them together, plus a season overall.


Liz: Three renowned Indigenous stage actors out of five.

Steph: Three renowned Indigenous stage actors out of five.


Liz: Three renowned Indigenous stage actors out of five.

Steph: Three and a half renowned Indigenous stage actors out of five.

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No Award watches: Cleverman 1.04

This week on Cleverman, Stephanie yells ‘Nobody needs this’ half a dozen times, Latani and Alinta are our faves, and there is no Deborah Mailman.

Liz: Three Renowned Indigenous Stage Actors out of Five

Steph: Four Renowned Indigenous Stage Actors out of Five

We’re not sure if we’ll be able to post reviews for eps 5+6 immediately after, as Steph is on a plane RIGHT NOW and we’re not sure of her viewing capabilities in Germany and Poland, so the next review might be a combined one later in July.

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No Award watches stuff: Cleverman 1×02

We’ve received feedback saying that it’s sometimes hard to tell whether or not we actually like some of the media we talk about. (In fairness, you can usually tell when we hate something.) So we’re entering a brave new world of giving media points out of five, although, David and Margaret style, Stephanie and I are giving individual points and reserve the right to disagree.

(We also reserve the right to wear fabulous earrings.)

ANYWAY, episode 2 of Cleverman: Jorah Mormont is building an ark, Waruu is a dickhead (but a hot one!), Naked Corpse Lady has clothes now, and there are more women.

Liz’s rating: Four Renowned Indigenous Stage Actors out of Five.

Stephanie’s rating: Four Renowned Indigenous Stage Actors out of Five

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Tomorrow, When the War Began

Tomorrow, When the War Began is a YA novel (which became a series, which spawned a sequel trilogy) about a group of teens who are off camping in the bush when Australia gets invaded over a long weekend/show weekend, and what they have to do when they find themselves suddenly living in a warzone.

In 2010 it was adapted as a movie; it has just begun showing on ABC3 as a six part series, presumably just adapting the first book.

We’re gonna review ALL SIX EPISODES, with weekly updates. Starting here, where we discuss our complicated history with the world constructed in Tomorrow, racism, and the importance of fire safety.

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Supergirl is a delightful, frothy sorbet mingling the sweetness of a family drama (both in the sense of being about family, and suitable for families with older children), the stronger flavours of an action series, and just a dash of Feminism 101.  Its special effects are on the ropey side, some of the acting is a bit rough, and it wears its heart and subtexts on its sleeve.

I love it.

I especially love Cat Grant, self-made media mogul, employer of Kara Danvers and creator of Supergirl’s media persona. Cat’s storylines deal with the complexities of being a woman in a masculine business, being an older woman in an ageist society, and more.  She is a wonderful character who says true things about the challenges facing women in the workforce.  She calls out mansplainers and takes no crap from people who look down on her because she’s a single mother who started out as a gossip columnist. She is, in many ways, a feminist role model.

She’s just not mine.

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