Reasons Australia Post gave for not delivering my parcel

I ordered a bunch of things from Kmart since a broken foot makes it hard to shop.  It was scheduled for delivery the day I went back to work, but luckily, the tracking email included an option for the parcel to be left at my front door.  This was perfect, because a broken foot also makes it hard to carry parcels home from the post office.

'With Safe Drop your delivery can be left in a safe place at your nominated delivery address, without a signature on delivery. You can request Safe Drop at any time, up until 1 hour before the delivery.'

There’s also a ticky box where you agree that you’re aware of the risks of leaving a parcel, and that you’re waiving the need for a signature.

I forgot, when I selected this option, that the whole reason I got a parcel locker in the CBD was because I had realised that parcel delivery just wasn’t happening at my flat.

I remembered all this a few hours later, when I received an email saying that the driver had decided my front door wasn’t suitable for Safe Drop, and my parcel could be picked up from the post office.

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