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Today was going to be the day I posted the second part of my Dance Academy piece, but I totally forgot I’d be in Queensland, visiting my family. Instead, have a couple of links: – a look at the portrayal of the Krogans in Mass Effect and historical and social parallels.

I link to this not just because it’s interesting, but because I have some thoughts about Krogans and Wrex that I’m saving until I finish, you know, the game.

The Innocence of Australians – last year, an intelligence think tank created a short story award for, basically, Australia’s security fears. This article dissects the results and implications.

Personally, I don’t think fiction is a good vehicle for exploring realistic security concerns, but I guess I’m the only one with an ongoing fear that the planet is going to be sucked into an unexpected black hole that parks itself next to the moon. IT COULD HAPPEN. Anyway, the anthology is as xenophobic as the premise is Orwellian.

Stop, and don’t come back – following on from our post the other week, a howl of outrage at the presence of booth babes at PAX Australia.

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  1. Kia ora! Just letting you know, the link to the ‘Innocence of Australians’ article is broken – it links to the Mass Effect article.

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