Too busy for a blog post this week, sorry Internets. Links instead.

The internets are saying racist things about Lorde’s boyf. Stay great, everyone.

In case you missed it, this year’s Tropfest winner Bamboozled is homophobic and transphobic. So that’s nice. Rebecca Shaw on it at Archer: Tropfest winner Bamboozled: ‘homophobic, transphobic’ (includes a Natalie Imbruglia quote, love Bec Shaw); and at the Guardian, Kate Doak: Tropfest’s Bamboozled: trans people’s bodies should not be punch lines.

Like a million years late, but two articles about class and classism in Melbourne Cup Fashions: Melbourne Cup: the diktat of classy fashion highlights our class problem by the awesome Sarah Burnside; and Spring Racing Fashion at Footpath Zeitgeist

There’s a new accessibility app for Melbourne! Out and About.

On indigenous slavery in Queensland

Zwarte Piet is making a brief appearance in Melbourne this Christmas, and in this article at the SMH the author both acknowledges it’s terrible (“You wouldn’t want to be black, I figured”) and totally fails at justifying then why he’s taking his kids again. I love culture and history and my own especially, so I get it – but when your history is racist, maybe time to actually let it go? Stomping through the tulips (I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THIS ARTICLE TITLE)

The GG backs same sex marriage and a republic, ps love her.

An article by the awesome Chally: when getting an Australian passport becomes a kafkaesque nightmare, over at the Guardian.

Chinese immigrants find Australian smalltalk too awkward (I feel you, bro)

Not Australian but you know how Steph feels about both SF and cultural appropriation: Cultural Appropriation, Star Wars and the Myths of White Supremacy.

Different frontiers: Taking over English at Strange Horizons.

Some mysterious pseudonymous Australian has a post up at the Toast! How excellent: Adventures with my mum and the anti-abortion movement (not its original title) (I mean, I’m guessing),

Also Steph has written some things. At the vegan blog, about the appropriation and unpleasantness of the Good Food Night Noodle Markets: Totally not feeling the Night Noodle Markets.

Steph also has two pieces up at Peril Magazine on identity and language, around the current theme of Binaries. Binaries 1: Not Even Sea Turtles; and Binaries 2: Secret Asian Papercuts.