linkspam for a rainy day

Rainy first day of the week links:

Radio National asks: Is Voluntourism the New Colonialism?

Despite the title, this article at the Australian does contain some nuance: Asian Slaves to the Australian Sex Industry

Rani Pramesti at Peril with Chinese Whispers: an artistic response to the context in which I live (disclaimer: Steph is involved in expanding this project)

If you’re in Melbourne, check out the 18C exhibition at Blak Dot Gallery until Sunday 27 April (at which point the works will be submitted to the RDA review).

At Junkee, An Entire Suburb In Sydney is Being Evicted.

The Rover is a new movie starring Guy Pearce, it looks like an Australian Dystopia but maybe it is too white? We shall see.

Steph has an article up at The Toast! A Look at Australia’s Climate Change Dystopia, using CSIRO’s projections. OUR DYSTOPIA IS REAL AND IT IS COMING FOR YOU. Also here at No Award we love Australia-centric (or non-USA-centric) SFF.

Not Australian, still v relevant and interesting:

Diversity is not enough: Race, Power and Publishing by Daniel Jose Older

Spicy, by Priya Alika Elias, on food and culture.