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Well, you know, it is very important to do the right thing by families and households,” Mr Abbott replied. “As many of us know, women are particularly focused on the household budget and the repeal of the carbon tax means a $550 a year benefit for the average family.

AUSPOL: Tony’s top achievement as Minister for Women in 2014 was the repeal of the Carbon Tax; Scott Morrison is a “decent human being” and is going to be Minister for Social Services and my favourite commentary is here.

The Lego farmer blogs about life on an Aussie farm in the Riverina. I’m linking to the ABC story because it’s got the tweets too.

Do you like Indiana Jones? Why? He’s basically a validation of white colonialism and the West’s terrible habit of stealing things that don’t belong to them. So it’s great to read that the National Gallery of Australia is investigating ownership of 54 items after returning a stolen one to India. NGA bought it for (AUD?)5 million and returned it anyway. Good work!

A great post on Strange Fruit, the racism of feminism, and music and Annie Lennox: The Unbearable White Ignorance of Annie Lennox at Media Diversified.

Are you reading Black Australia? If you’re not, you should be. Just this week they posted about cultural protocols and sorry business, and a whole bunch of really great links. Highly recommend to all Australians, both ATSI and not ATSI.

A post about#illridewithyou by the amazing Tessa, who sort of started it all.

And #illridewithyou Redux, in which Tessa talks about racial identity (hers), white guilt, accusations of (she is but is not white), and asks why we need permission to do great things?

Once again, who is allowed to instigate change?

That’s the wrong question. How about;

Why should anyone wait for your approval to act?

As far as I’m concerned, you naysayers can go sit on a pineapple and spin.

To quote a wise friend and fellow biracial, you’re better than this. Substandard criticism is vexing.

In Stephanie news, I translated a Tang Dynasty poem for Catwoman 37. You can read it, and also buy the issue when it comes out on Wednesday. So great. Much Chinese.

How A Nickelodeon Cartoon Became One of the Most Powerful, Subversive Shows of 2014.  Or, Liz’s main fandom that’s not about an alien in a police box done good.

North Korea: Not Funny.

North Korea is not funny. It is hard to imagine a comparable comedy emerging about quirky Islamic State slavers or amusing and “complicated” genocidaires in the Central African Republic. The suffering in question is happening now, as I write.

The day will soon come when North Koreans are finally free, and liberated concentration camp survivors will have to learn that the world was more interested in the oddities of the oppressors than the torment of the oppressed.

Stella Young, disability activist, writer, comedian and all around heroine, sadly passed away recently.  No Award admired her fiercely, but didn’t know her.  But we’re fairly sure she would have had something to say about the plan to yarnbomb a wheelchair ramp in her honour.

Just so we’re clear, a layer of wool is not going to make a wheelchair ramp accessible.  More like the opposite.  Yarn bombing is terrible anyway, but covering an accessibility device is just … Liz doesn’t even have words.

(And it’s not just ramps!  When Liz is tired and in pain and grumpy, the last thing she wants is to find that all the seats are covered in mouldy, wet wool.  Looking at you, Moreland City Council.)

The event was scheduled for Saturday, and the Facebook page seems to have vanished, so maybe it didn’t go ahead.  Let’s hope not, anyway.

How Jessica Mitford Exposed a $48M Scam from America’s Literary Establishment

What the world needed more than anything: I Am Bread – a game in which you play a slice of bread trying to reach the toaster.  Obviously, this is just another example of the game industry’s ongoing exclusion of the gluten intolerant.  But it’s also kind of brilliant.

Nice Doesn’t Pay the Bills – as occasional contributors to The Toast, we at No Award were dismayed to learn last week that their contracts are a bit dodgy.  (How did we not know that before?  Shut up, we’re Australians working in a US market.)  Natalie Luhrs points out the implications of the problems, and the assumption that just because Mallory Ortberg and her team are really cool people, that means The Toast will always be a really cool market.

The lady vanishes – did someone say reprints of a once-popular, now obscure Melbourne author whose proto-feminist murder mysteries are back in print?  This is from a few months ago, but Liz only just discovered Murder in the Telephone Exchange yesterday.  Why yes, she is now nagging her library to get all of June Wright’s books.