things i can do because they’re not specified in my lease

in uni, a friend’s lease specified ‘no ironing on the carpet.’

things that aren’t specified ‘not to do’ in my lease:

install a door from the garage into the house

via a tunnel

data retentionpen pen

install a pool in the courtyard

just a little one

keep penguins

keep a squid in the swimming pool

call for the resignation of the president of the Human Rights Commissioner because I don’t like how she mentioned I’m breaking some human rights

Gillian Triggs: It was the first time in my career that anyone has ever asked for my resignation.

Penny Wong:

Q: Were you shocked by this proposition?

Gillian Triggs: I was deeply shocked.

Triggs is telling the committee the secretary of AGD suggested to her a new position would be found if she’d vacate her spot at the Human Rights Commission.

Triggs: It was definitely said to me that an offer would be made for me to provide work for the government in areas of my expertise in international law.

(This is amazing. Truly.)

sorry where was i

break human rights

make demands of a sovereign nation because i gave them some cash when they were in a lot of trouble

actually my parents’ friends’ aunt gave them the money

but i thought about it

iron on the carpet

bronze on the carpet

install an ai to do all my stuff

fill my house with bees

replace all the windows with linux

(it’s a type of glass)

be nice to strangers