Real Jobs of No Award: Exploring Out on the Bay

A SERIES: Jobs of real people. We are starting with Steph, because she’s excited. 

Recently I did a (work)day trip down to Sorrento. Down at the Sorrento pier I got on a boat with 40 year sixes, and assorted teachers and parents. I put on a wet suit and then WENT INTO THE BAY.

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Firsts for Stephanie:

First snorkel

First putting on of a wetsuit

First wild seal sighting

First undersea under a pier adventure

Under a pier is like BEING IN SPACE. I get it, why all those space movies are filmed under the water for the imagery. It was incredible! The water under the pier was so deep there were SCUBA DIVERS metres under us! There was seaweed growing on the wood and fishies swimming in all directions. The seals were boisterous and pushed each other into the water when one was getting too stroppy. Turns out Australian Fur Seals laugh like they’re about to take over the world, which I dig. Also they smell. SMELL SO BAD.

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I got to see some dolphins playing in the distance, and the whole thing was so fun I’d like to do it again.


The point of going out into the Bay was mostly inspirational this time around. It’s part of a program to build a sense of place and stewardship around the Bay and surrounds. As we move further into the year, the year sixes learn about waterways and flow-on impacts, for example how the creeks that flow into the Bay are bigger causes of rubbish and litter on the beach than beach-goers, which is the popular assumption (it’s actually, for reference, usually people throwing things on the street which flow into storm water drains and local creeks which then flow into the Bay and then, when the tide is right, flow back up onto the beach). They learn about the creatures that live in and around the Bay (weedy sea dragons! sharkies! octopussies!). They get mentored in teaching other kids about catchments and water and litter, and learn leadership skills.

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You can’t, it’s mine. But I do have a Master of Science (Sustainability) and some years of experience volunteering on the ground with hippie greenie organisations.

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  1. Yay, thanks for writing about this! I have a friend who’s been doing similar school outreach for Melbourne’s urban grasslands. It’s important work.

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