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Matildas Kyah Simon and Lydia Williams the unlikely idols of Canada’s indigenous community. CUTIES and excellent and do you love the Matildas? YOU SHOULD. They are doing so good!

I don’t even know: 5 Australian Creations Taking the World By Storm. Glad someone in the comments notes that we stole avo from somewhere else.

A little bit of US stuff today, because Charleston, and racism and colonialism is not unique to the USA. The connection between terrorist Dylann Roof and white-supremacist regimes in Africa runs through the heart of US conservatism. At Africa is a Country. The deadly history of “They’re raping our women.” (Roof’s actual defence).

Steph cried with laughter at 7 Iconic Australian Foods reimaged as Shots.

Some Australian Indigenous languages you should know.

NT police refuses to release details about death in custody in Alice Springs Correctional Centre

Indigenous community hurt over suburb name rejection. 

The City of Ballarat had wanted to name an area in the city’s west after respected Aboriginal elder William Wilson, known as Mullawallah.

But objections were raised at a heated council meeting.

These included that the name was polysyllabic, hard to pronounce and spell, and too similar to other place names, creating possible confusion for emergency services and pizza deliveries.


Monsanto in Argentina.

Are you an Australian looking to make an EOFY donation? Cool, here’s the chuffed page for the Edmund Rice Centre:

At the Edmund Rice Centre Mirrabooka we support young people from Refugee and Aboriginal backgrounds who are experiencing disadvantage and marginalisation.

Our programs help empower young people to reach their full potential by teaching sport, art, and leadership skills which allow them to better connect with the Australian community. We provide equal opportunities to help people develop and learn in a supportive and encouraging environment.


This is very Perth-centric and with the involvement of Serco it’s relevant to all Australians: An Idiot’s Guide to the Serco & Fiona Stanley Hospital Controversy.

Speaking of Perth, Liz accepts everything in this documentary as fact.

A definitive ranking of Australian politicians drinking in public.  Obviously Australia’s drinking culture is problematic in many ways, but we’re here for the pictures of Labor politicians (and Tony Abbott) trying to look like they’re really into that beer.

The 100 Most Australian Words of All Time.  Not worksafe, but includes a lot of non-Anglo words, so well done that clickbait.

The Subversive Reader is attempting to read all the Hugo nominees.  Attempting.

And: Mad Max Mayhem.

tony albert, sorry, 2008
tony albert, sorry, 2008