On the road to the holy links

Keen to nominate in 2016’s Hugo Awards when the time comes, but don’t know where to start?  Renay is maintaining a GoogleDoc (with submission form) for eligible works.

If you’re in Australia, you should also keep an eye on the 2016 Ditmar eligibility list.  The categories don’t entirely overlap with the Hugos, but it makes a handy source of reading suggestions.

Diversity Panels I’d Like To See – Want something a bit more substantial (and less well-trod) than “_____ in SF”?  Check these out!

Is Critical Analysis Foreign to Chinese Students‘, an academic article, is basic but interesting.

This review of Round the Twist speaks to Steph’s very soul: Have You Ever Felt Like This: Going Round the Twist again

Watching Round the Twist is sprawling in a soggy chloriney cossie in front of the telly, fighting with my brother, eating spag bol, riding bikes, throwing a tantrum when Mum donated my pink Barbie convertible to kids in need. There’s no other show that takes me back to who I was as a kid and lets me identify the parts of me that have remained intact, and reliving it really has been the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Because it taught me that if ladies can be clowns and penises can be propellers and Daddos can be actors, I can really be anything I want to be, and that’s just as important for me to hear now as it was when I was six.

A cabbage tragedy.

The evolution of female pen-names from Currer Bell to J.K. Rowling

In the lead up to Fringe, a Melbourne artist is putting up Unwelcome mats in front of government buildings.

Tansy Rayner Roberts discusses To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, one of Liz’s all-time favourite novels.

Google street view for cats.

There is an Indigenous Dance Movie!

Rebel Sport Seeks Asylum From Claims It Ripped Off Refugee Video To Flog Stuff On Father’s Day

Taylor Swift made a colonialist music video, right before joining Nicki Minaj on an actually-African-inspired-with-actually-black-people performance at the VMAs.  Awks.

Tony Abbott had an interview with Alan Jones and this is just the machine transcript but

the Nazis did terrible evil but they had the sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it

?? !! ? (also abortions are like Nazis)

On turning slacktivists into activists.

Yesterday was Indigenous Literacy Day, but Indigenous literacy is important all year. No Award highly recommends supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation all the days of the year.