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Sometimes it is super fucked dealing with ableism in the world. This is specifically a post with links about ableism, inspiration porn, appropriation, and maybe not being an ableist poop. It is mostly links to the voices of disabled peeps with the occasional detour into news articles. Okay that sounds wanky. THIS IS AN INTRODUCTION I AM AT WORK OKAY.

The Ditches We Dig For Love by Julie, member of Steph’s International Girl Gang.

Ten Access Blunders that the Nondisabled Make

The Inspiration Porn Resolution

To ring in the New Year, the authors of this article present the#InspoPornResolution, a set of guidelines for better reporting and writing about the disability community. It is our hope that the media will resolve to cover accurate depictions of the disability experience starting on January 1, 2016.

Some great examples of ableism: On People Who Think They Get a Free Pass From Ableism

**burden talk with special focus on making it about you** shows up even without calling us a burden like “I give every bit of my energy and life to blank, you have no idea what it’s like from the other side of this” or “I just spend every day fighting for blank and never get anything back”. 1. You are making this all about you.

Disability advocates demand an end to ‘slacktivism’ and ‘inspiration porn’

“Be inspired by somebody not because they’re disabled but because they’re doing something extraordinary,” Findlay said. “I don’t want to be called inspiring just for getting up and going to work.”

Stop appropriating the language that explains my condition

Let’s be clear. This is appropriation. As tiring as your mansplainer is (and I feel you), I doubt he ever reduced anyone’s world to eating, peeing and cat-feeding. As energising as sex (endorphins) can be, spoonies feel our “can do tomorrow” lists shrinking as we orgasm, and don’t need well-meaning folks suggesting sex as a solution to our ills.

fully autonomous, self-driving cars and disability

First and foremost, let’s be clear about this: autonomous cars are not being developed for the disabled. Oh sure, the disabled may eventually benefit, but they’re not the target. For one thing, the pay gap between the working disabled vs able-bodied workers is huge–in some states, up to 37% less, and that gap persists regardless of education attained. The fully disabled are often among the poorest people in American society.

People who earn a lot less than average, people who are often in the lowest socioeconomic bracket, are not the people who are targetted with shiny new technological advances…like self-driving, fully autonomous cars.

Some ableist bull:

Senate inquiry finds ‘disgraceful’ treatment of schoolchildren with disabilities in Australia