in your face anthology

Hooray! Steph is in the Fablecroft In Your Face Anthology, which will launch at either Contact or Continuum 2016.

The stories we have already accepted are challenging and/or confronting but with a firm purpose – they are pieces that will perhaps make readers uncomfortable because they are a bit too hard-hitting or close to the bone, but which interrogate these themes and ideas, and make a point about the world we live in. It won’t be an easy book to read, but it is a powerful one.

inyourfaceIn Your Face is currently running a pozible campaign for extending the number of authors in the antho. You should contribute! To help convince you that this antho will be excellent, Steph is going to challenge you so hard with her story. YES GOOD.

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A No Award 2015 in Review

In 2015 we really ramped up vis No Award; a whole lot of posts, including guest posts, and even a posting schedule (!!). We’ve got plans for 2016, which we’ll announce shortly. Thanks for yelling with us in 2015, Australia.

(Speaking of yelling, if you’re getting intrusive pop-up ads on NA, especially on the mobile version, please let us know! We’re looking into it.)

And now, starting as we mean to go on, a day late we bring you our favourite posts of the year!

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