A No Award 2015 in Review

In 2015 we really ramped up vis No Award; a whole lot of posts, including guest posts, and even a posting schedule (!!). We’ve got plans for 2016, which we’ll announce shortly. Thanks for yelling with us in 2015, Australia.

(Speaking of yelling, if you’re getting intrusive pop-up ads on NA, especially on the mobile version, please let us know! We’re looking into it.)

And now, starting as we mean to go on, a day late we bring you our favourite posts of the year!


A Tour of Issues of Appropriation and Racism in Melbourne’s Restaurants – possibly No Award’s most popular post in 2015? 860 facie shares, good work.

(For some reason, the actual most popular post of the year was one Liz made in 2014, yelling about the end of Secrets & Lies.  Judging by the search terms, a lot of Americans got bored halfway through the US version and went searching for spoilers.  And who can blame them?)

Stephanie gets into fights on the internet: intersectional is more than a three-letter country on US-centricity and the priority given to US voices in social justice discourses.

Imagining Australia’s Climate Change Dystopia (a science fiction essay) – SCIENCE and SCIENCE FICTION.

Peter Combe and the climate dystopia agenda. Steph can’t believe this wasn’t more popular, it was genius. Thanks to Official Potato (and Calligrapher) Moya for her co-writing on this.

on being a bilingual child – Steph on language and disease and family


Bucky Barnes and friend.
Bucky Barnes and friend.

No Award’s top invasive species of australia

People at least as deserving of knighthoods as Prince Philip

reasons why i, a cyclist

Australian Slang that Foreigners Misuse

Life Lessons for 90s WA kids

Best Australian Kids’ Show Themes

Australian YA and kidlit more deserving of screen adaptations than Tomorrow, When The War Began

Liz and Steph yell about Miss Fisher, and also talk about racism and the books

Australians remember Captain America

tips for time travelling on the cheap

An Excellent and 1000% appropriate Mad Max Fury Road Fan Mix

Reasons I am not applying to rent your flat

Clearing up some common misconceptions about Australian dragons

The Prison Island of Sodor

Environmental Business

spring; summer

Pro-environment media Liz was banned from consuming as a child (exciting update on this front: two weeks ago, Liz’s mum conceded that climate change is probably a real thing that’s happening!)


International Aid, Voluntourism, and You

the catch is the western middle class

One thought on “A No Award 2015 in Review

  1. Periwinkle

    I’m sorry I missed the genius of “The Prison Island of Sodor” when you first published it. However, it’s raising still more questions – like which book the speech by Duke comes from.

    I have “Duke the Lost Engine,” Railway Series, No. 25, first published 1970, fifth impression 1984. Here’s the corresponding page:

    “No. 2,” said Duke, “was American, and very cocky. He rode roughly and often came off the rails. I warned him to be careful.
    “‘Listen, Bud,’ he drawled. ‘In the States we don’t care a dime for a few spills.’
    “‘We do here,’ I said, “but he just laughed.
    “But he didn’t laugh when the Manager took away his wheels, and said he was going to make him useful at last.”
    “Why? W-W-What did he do?”
    “He turned him into a pumping engine. That’s what. He’s still there, behind our shed.”
    Stuart and Falcon were unusually good for several days!

    Unfortunately I can’t find our copy of “The Thomas the Tank Engine Man” by Brian Sibley. It acknowledges some smaller changes; in the story “Henry’s Sneeze,” the phrase “black as soot” contained a racial slur in the original publication. The biography mentioned above also acknowledges that the Rev. W. Awdry quite intentionally placed moral messages in the books. He also wrote under self-imposed rules about how much autonomy the locomotives had independent of their drivers. It wasn’t much.

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