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Not Your Korean Sidekick: The Frustrating Career of John Cho

Mythbusting Princess Leia’s Hair

(This post really speaks to Liz, because I spent much of my teen years with hair to my waist, attempting to reproduce Captain Janeway’s buns. Speaking of things that need mythbusting — or are we meant to believe Janeway was wasting replicator credits on hairpieces? THERE’S COFFEE IN THAT HAIRDO.)

Steph is an aspiring futurist (you might have guessed), and is super intrigued this interview at Business Insider with Ford’s futurist, who is a WOMAN YAY. (It’s a total con, don’t get me wrong, but some of the predictions are super interesting. Self-driving cars because of aging Boomers? Car sharing investment by car companies because it’s in their best interests not to create a grid-lock universe? TELL ME MORE.)

Trove and the case for radical openness #fundTrove

The agents of racism

East is eden: the Hollywood hits heading for a Chinese remake – in pictures

We are 100% going to watch the Mandarin remake of The Devil Wears Prada when it comes out. (And is subbed, in Liz’s case.)

Space Invaders: Why white cis gay men should check their privilege

(To save everyone the trouble: Not All White Cis Gay Men.)

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