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All That Isn’t Said: Kaye M. talks Islamophobia in YA

The octopus that ruled London — sadly not a tale of literal cephalogarchy, but an account of octopus-mania that overtook London in the 1870s.

Surprise! Food cycle couriers in Australian cities probably aren’t being paid minimum wage: Deliveroo and foodora accused of using sham contracts for bicycle delivery riders

(And why is it called foodora? “M’dinner.” NO! Let’s not do that.)

A great article on the difficulty of simplicity when you’ve struggled to own anything; when you’re refugee, immigrant, escapee. Marie Kondo and the Privilege of Clutter

HELLO: Diversity in Australian Speculative Fiction : A Bibliographical Exhibition. It’s online, it’s extensive, it’s relevant to all of our interests, STEPH IS LINKED IN IT, go forth and bookmark it immediately. 

Why Australia lies to itself about its Indigenous history

Instead, we want to be praised, to be acknowledged as a success. It’s a kind of national supplication, a constant search for validation. And history’s fine, as long as it serves that purpose. But if it dares step out of line, it can expect to be slapped swiftly with the Sandilands dictum until it changes the subject: “you’re full of shit, just get on with life”. Then we can be comfortable again.

Old but excellent: Move over Shakespeare, teen girls are the real language disruptors

50 Shades of Rey — just an interesting, not-entirely-terrible look at Rey/Kylo Ren shippers and the fic-writing end of Star Wars fandom in general.