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This week included World Penguin Day! (There are no penguins under the cut except me AT OVERLAND)

Daniel Andrews Is Quietly Becoming Australia’s Most Progressive, Gutsy Leader – Look, I dunno if I’d call him that, but this article outlines some relatively cool things he’s done in the last month

At Lateline: Indigenous constitutional recognition: One woman’s powerful call for a treaty

Why do we give robots female names? Because we don’t want to consider their feelings

Every iteration of the boy-meets-bot love story is also a horror story. The protagonist, who is usually sexually frustrated and a grunt worker himself, goes through agonies trying to work out whether his silicon sweetheart is truly sentient. If she is, is it right for him to exploit her, to be serviced by her, to sleep with her? If she isn’t, can he can truly fall in love with her? Does it matter? And – most terrifying of all – when she works out her own position, will she rebel, and how can she be stopped?

War, patriotism and academic ‘culture wars’: we’ve been here before – The treatment of German academics during the First World War sure does look a lot like a dry run for the treatment we currently give to Muslim Australians!

How non-white Aussie actors are struggling for recognition

(Featuring some Dance Academy castmembers, you know, if that’s a thing that interests you. *eyedart*)

How to Negotiate a Raise (If You’re a Woman)

During the conversation, maintain eye contact and smile, but not too much of either so as not to appear bitchy nor ditzy. Remember that men are often confused by straightforward expressions of composure and will decide you are “cold,” a particularly damning determination from which there is little hope of return. Alternate eye contact and smiling at eight-second intervals to properly position yourself as somehow miraculously both a woman and a capable employee. Do not wear too much makeup as this will make you look “cheap and unprofessional” nor should you avoid makeup as you will look “old and tired” and therefore more invisible than Wonder Woman’s plane. Question how Wonder Woman was able to afford that plane given the wage gap. Look into government grants.

Beyonce Update: Beyoncé’s Lemonade is about much more than Jay Z and infidelity

I was not expecting to be cracked wide open by this project. I was not expecting to shed a lifetime of tears. But I did. Lemonade is about so much more than one relationship and its infidelity. Lemonade is about the love that black women have – the love that threatens to kill us, makes us crazy and makes us stronger than we should ever have to be.

What to read after watching Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’, a fabulous reading list

Melbourne’s wheelchair taxis ‘no longer commercially viable’, Uber promises to step in

Enid Blyton, moral guide

The characters must face up to their own faults and their failures of empathy, confront the consequences of their own actions when they cause grief to themselves and others. What goes around at Malory Towers, more reliably than in real life, comes around. But this doesn’t always take the form of punishment in the conventional sense. The punishment for being a certain kind of person – self-involved, petty and malicious – is to have to live as that sort of person.

Here is a familiar penguin face! Space racism: on Hollywood actors & their whitewashing by one Stephanie Lai

This is how the future looks through Hollywood’s eyes: Asian trappings, but minimal Asian people. Our real future will probably not look like that: with the likelihood of China continuing to dominate economically and scientifically, the points of difference between Earth now and our space-faring future aren’t going to be white people in Chinoiserie; it’s going to be brown people in modern Chinoiserie.

Whiplash: Tomorrow When The War Began and the state of Australian teen TV

It’s also intractably uncomfortable in 2016 to watch an Australian series that condemns the internment of innocent people under poor conditions, considering our own country’s real-life propensity to the practice. Perhaps the filmmakers mean to comment on our poor treatment of the most vulnerable people on earth; nevertheless, it reads as considerably tone deaf.