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Week one of eight in this election cycle, and it’s already terrible.

Telstra backflips on same-sex marriage backflip

If you are into Mainland Chinese business at all, you should be following Sixth Tone, hokay? Women Take Sex Ed Into Their Own Hands and Phones (NSFW obvs)

Is Britney Spears ready to stand on her own? (YES)

Indigenous cutie: Magnolia Maymuru: From Yirrkala to the catwalk

LOVE IT when candidates shirk the line: Election 2016: Labor’s Melbourne candidate Sophie Ismail contradicts party asylum seeker policies

Meet Australia’s first openly gay Imam

Excellent decolonising art theft shenanigans: Artists Covertly Scan Bust of Nefertiti and Release the Data for Free Online

In Brisvegas you can’t have more than five unrelated adults living in a house?!!! ?? Greens councillor Jonathan Sri defends his illegal share house Wow remember that time Stephanie lived in a sharehouse with seven people? Good Perth times.

“…The fundamental problem is that housing is treated primarily as a commodity rather than somewhere for people to live.

“As long as this continues, landlords will have strong financial incentives to exploit tenants, and tenants will have few choices but to live in crowded homes.

“The system is designed to maximise profit rather than to minimise homelessness.”

Steph added this link about Duncan on Tuesday: The ‘Australian’ Tried To Go After Duncan From #QandA And It’s Backfiring Spectacularly; here we are on Friday, and we’re at: The Pursuit Of Duncan Storrar Reveals The Savagery Of Australia’s Class Warfare. Because we’re a shambles of a nation.

STOP CUTTING OUR RESEARCH FUNDING: International pressure grows on Turnbull government over CSIRO cuts

THIS IS GREAT: A Tribute to Prince by His Hairstylist, Kim Berry

Ghost in the Shell and anime’s troubled history with representation

YES GOOD: French Comedian Targets Woody Allen With Rape Joke At Cannes

WHAT: Kublai Khan’s Palace May Be Underneath the Forbidden City

Loved learning this about the CWA: Country Women’s Association To Debate Marriage Equality And “Handcrafted Smallgoods” At Conference

All our arts friends are losing their funding, from theatre to lit mags: Live theatre devastated by Australia Council cutsDear Minister for the Arts.


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