No Award at Continuum

It’s the Queen’s Birthday this weekend, which means two things:

  1. It’s also Liz’s birthday (although only on Sunday, despite her ongoing attempts to stretch it out over a weekend and beyond)!
  2. It’s Continuum!

Liz and Steph are both on panels at Continuum, although sadly not together. Here’s where you’ll find us…


5 pm

High Gothic – Is it making a comeback? Why now? What’s it all about anyway

Jane Routley, Stephanie Lai, Michelle Goldsmith

Liz: I was going to be on a simultaneous panel, Fandom Infighting, Drama & Journalism (What’s the craziest things fandom goes nuts over? Which fandom is the most drama filled? And which Fandom news sites are the best for separating the truth from the drama?), but unfortunately, I had to drop out because it’s scheduled during business hours.

(And I’m really bummed — this is the second time I haven’t made it to a panel on this subject! …Could it be that the universe is telling me this is a bad idea?)

Steph: I can’t believe that Liz has spent two paragraphs speaking ABOUT HERSELF in a section about MY panel! PS, I’m going to be talking about Crimson Peak and Penny Dreadful, and probably the propensity for people to mix up horror with high gothic.

9 pm

Your Favourites are Problematic – Appropriation in popular culture, how should we deal with it, how do we recognise it, how can we avoid it and should we ignore it for the sake of a good story?

Marlee Jane Ward, Alexis Herbert Townsend, Joel Martin, Stephanie Lai, Moderator: PKR [sic]

Is this the panel where Stephanie is most likely to shout a lot? Probably. Almost certainly.

10 pm

From the Ocean to the Stars – Classic 90s Sci Fi TV took us all kinds of places. Which are still going, which do we love most, which have we forgotten about and which do we wish would return?

Kylie Chan, Liz Barr, Norman Cates, Jason Kevin Groves

Advance warning: Liz’s usual bedtime is 9 pm, please poke her gently with a stick if she falls asleep while rapturing about Babylon 5 and seaQuest.

Steph is SO EXCITED to hear Liz talk about seaQuest. We really should get around to a rewatch for No Award…




11 am

Doctor Who – Undone, redone, changed, updated and reversed. When is time travel no longer an excuse for retconning and does the series still hold anyone’s interest?

Kathryn Andersen, David McDonald, Melissa Christie, Liz Barr, Jason Kevin Groves

Way to be prejudicial, blurb! (Usual reminder that Steph hates time travel.)

5 pm

How to Destroy the World! – Seriously! Join the Evil League of Evil as they describe how to destroy our world with SCIENCE!

Craig Cormick, Adrian Melchori, Darren Sanderson, Stephanie Lai

Steph is the ONLY WOMAN on this panel, standby to find out if she’s also the only brown person. She will be talking about hubris, probably. She will be bringing a physical pile of books with her for those who want to read some popsci.

7 pm

Great Debate – Magic can cure all our Ills. Or can it? George once again whips some star panelists into a frenzy of confusion, apparition, jokes, and forgetting which side they’re on

Chaired by George Ivanoff, Liz is on the pro-magic side, she is doing no prep except in the form of anxiety dreams so that should be fun!

10 pm

Generation Ships in SF – The Generation Ship or Ark Ship is a common device in Sci Fi, showcasing a small contained unit of humanity. Come discuss some iconic examples, why everything inevitably all goes wrong, and just maybe how viable the idea truly is.

Michael Sisley, Stephanie Lai, Nathan Cooper, Laura Wilkinson

GENERATION SHIPS. Entire families travelling through space for 50, 100, 400 years! AMAZING. Most recent rec, Ascension, a six-part B-grade series that was actually really hilariously fun.


10 am

Star Wars: The Force Awakens –  Revolutionary film or redone cliche cashing in on nostalgia? Badass female heroine or boring Mary Sue? Potential interracial gay couple or just a big tease? We analyse the new movie for any trace of Midichlorians.

Kathryn Andersen, Julia Svaganovic, Steve Cameron, Melissa Christie, Liz Barr, Darren Sanderson

SPOILERS, Rey is not a Mary Sue, boring or otherwise. Elsewhere in the program, the blurb for the Mary Sue panel asks the same question, and if Liz were on that panel, SHE’D GIVE THE SAME ANSWER OH MY GOODNESS JUST BECAUSE A WOMAN IS A COMPETENT HEROINE IN HER OWN RIGHT IT DOESN’T MAKE HER A MARY SUE AND EVEN IF IT DID, THAT WOULDN’T BE A BAD THING *breathe*

12 pm

Cross-Generational Appeal – A lot of kids shows these days end up quite loved by grown ups too (Steven Universe, Legend of Korra/Last Airbender, My little Pony), what makes something cross generational and what’s the most ‘adult’ joke ever snuck into a kid’s show?

George Ivanoff, Katherine Phelps, Liz Barr

I am genuinely not sure which Gravity Falls character I’m going to cosplay for this panel, so it will be GREAT.

How do you attach battery-powered blinky lights to a jumper without setting yourself on fire?


If you’ve never attended Continuum before, and you want to check it out, Friday night has gold coin entry AND a Twelfth Planet Press book launch, so you should totally go.