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THIS IS A LOT (With thanks to Hayley who deemed it CRITICAL that we not miss this): The 25 best (and most awkward) Recovery moments

A day in the life of Scott Morrison if he actually faced the same bigotry as LGBTI people

Morrison and Bernardi’s claims of victimhood are clever. But they’re dishonest

‘At last’: Kenbi land returned to Aboriginal owners after 37-year fight

This is really bad but also a little bit funny, sorry sorry

(No Award wishes to remind everyone that the whooping cough vaccine loses efficacy over time, remember to get boosters. The whooping cough vaccine is often combined with tetanus, so if you’re up to date with tetanus shots, you’re probably okay — but check with your doctor to be sure.)

Perth high school to stop offering pupils a pathway to university due to declining ATAR interest

Why you should never give a cent to White Ribbon

As veteran domestic violence worker Danny Blay writes: “White Ribbon has little if any support in the family violence or sexual assault sectors mainly because they have refused to reach out to the experts and their approach is simplistic. White Ribbon has turned out to be a fundraising club that made some blokes and a whole lot of politicians feel good.”

A lot of feelings from Steph about this Greens video
(Liz needs eight and a half to nine hours sleep a night, minimum. This listicle really speaks to her.)
That’s a really old Captain Awkward post, but Liz has been reading it and making the O_O and !O_O! faces in between reloading Brexit vote results, so there you go.

Portishead did a cover of ABBA’s SOS in response to Jo Case’s murder (warning for flashing video)

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