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This is two weeks because Liz didn’t post this last week; she was too busy having fun in the world (legit).

Some more #ausvotesAusVotesPollingDay business:

How a Chinese-language social media campaign hurt Labor’s election chances

‘Classwashing’ Australia’s racism problem won’t make it disappear

Exclusive: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Has Allegedly Plagiarised A Bunch Of Their Policies

Ironically Hanson’s medicinal cannabis policy cites the use of the drug in the medieval Islamic world as a reason why it should be trialled in Australia. The reference to Islam appears to have been copied over from Wikipedia.

Other links:

Without Video Evidence, Australians Find It Hard To Believe That Black Lives Matter

Sometimes it’s easy for Australians to look overseas, and believe that the outrages that gave rise to movements like Black Lives Matter are foreign. But for Aboriginal Australia, this is a common story. The problem is, of course, that it is less visible.

The gender politics of assassination – male politicians are assassinated; female politicians are murdered, which shouldn’t be politicised because politicians come and go, but wives and mothers are irreplaceable.

A Handy Guide To Australian Racism And How Best To Respond To It

Our modern-day dystopia:

As part of Cameron’s changes to the welfare system, unemployment was rebranded as a psychological disorder. According to a study in the Medical Humanities journal, in the teeth of the longest and deepest recession in living memory, the jobless were encouraged to treat their “psychological resistance” to work by way of obligatory courses that encouraged them to adopt a jollier attitude toward their own immiseration. They were harangued with motivational text messages telling them to “smile at life” and that “success is the only option.”

Read more in Laurie Penny’s Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless

Holden diverts half of Collingwood sponsorship cash to women’s team after Eddie McGuire controversy


Serving Suggestion: MasterChef’s narrow view of food culture

We usually love Melbourne’s obnoxious love of trendy new flavours, but a line has to be drawn:

Some Melbourne Cafe Is Serving A “Blue Algae Latte”, Proving That Melbourne Can Fuck Right Off

Melbourne’s scariest cycling paths: Perception and reality collide

US Holocaust museum asks Pokemon Go players to stop

The key quote that everyone seems to be missing:

Spokesman Stephen Smith said they had not experienced any problems yet but wanted to act before they potentially arose.

Important Play School features:

Benita Collings shares the secrets of Play School for show’s 50th anniversary

Through the windows: ‘Play School’ celebrates 50 years of preschool education and entertainment

This article has been linked all around but it’s so great: Hunger Makes Me

A man’s appetite can be hearty, but a woman with an appetite—for food, for sex, for simple attention—is always voracious: she always overreaches, because it is not supposed to exist.

Bec Shaw is the best: What I Really Really Want: Finding feminism through the Spice Girls (Disclaimer: Steph NEVER qualifies her love of the Spice Girls, and you are encouraged not to, either)

When I play, it’s not like they say ‘oh, she’s a refugee’ – bit of a puff piece on two Sudanese refugees in Perth playing AFL but also that is not a bad thing, they want to join the Women’s League in 2020 and it still talks on Australia being the worst wrt refugee resettlement.

A true horror story: I’m With The Banned – What my evening with Milo told me about Twitter’s biggest troll, the death of reason, and the crucible of A-list con-men that is the Republican National Convention.

The Online Abuse Playbook