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Did you know that most of our linkspam titles come from Oz music lyrics? Trying out this new thing where we share the source.

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Magnolia Maymuru wasn’t the only Aboriginal finalist of Miss World Australia. Why weren’t the others recognised?

Did reporters see “first Indigenous finalist from the Northern Territory” and get their wires crossed, or was something else at play? Three Aboriginal finalists could have potentially been something for the media to celebrate, but they never did. Unfortunately, I feel this is due to them only deeming some Aboriginal women fit to recognise.

What to do with those tired old beauty products in your bathroom cabinet – in case you weren’t aware, you can’t put all old make up containers in the recycling – some are made of too many components. But apparently you can recycle them through this organisation, which is cool.

Dreams Woven from Lace and Batik – old but very cool

Remember when Steph hatewatched Serangoon roadSinitic languages in Singapore

Female Muslim MP Anne Aly and Indigenous MP Linda Burney share common ground

Treated like lepers: Honouring the dead at Darwin’s leprosy island

How much do I love a good breakdown of costuming choices? A LOT. Who You Gonna Wear? Ghostbusters! The Fashion of Erin, Abby, Holtzman, and Patty

Broken News is blowing this “4 Corners” scam WIDE OPEN:

How many corners does Four Corners really have? We counted 29.

A thing that happened this week:

I’ve read and liked some of Fiona Wood’s novels, but the premise for Cloudwish didn’t grab me, especially when Vietnamese-Australian author Alice Pung’s Laurinda covers similar scholarship-related ground. But an Asian-Australian character suddenly becoming Asian-American — that annoyed me.

(We contemplated doing a whole post about it, but dealing with pushback from Americans and #notallamericans takes a lot of time and spoons. And, obviously, I cannot speak to the Vietnamese-Australian experience, and don’t know how it differs from that of Vietnamese-Americans.)

I was reluctant to derail, but then came these tweets:

I retweeted these, and added:

Stay tuned for that No Award post!

Anyway, that’s a lot of embedded tweets, but here’s some more of that conversation:

Malinda Lo on representation, reviews, reviewer perception and “tired stories”.

And Faye Bi on Cloudwish.

And then, this morning, it sort of came full circle, if the circle is “Americans stealing stories”: “Now that African-American Hermione is canon…